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Automation Solution

Micro Prober Test Equipment | MCT6151

● Comprehensive Four-terminal measurement /two-terminal measurement,freely setting test points

● Maximum test point support extended to 4096 points

● Electronic test function can be standard or optional,and special test function such as SPARK/μ-SHORT/high temperature test are optional

● One touch fixture installation,using the Step&Repeat at inspection method in which the substrate does not move and the small fixture moves quickly 

● Optional automatic feeding equipment to realize automatic loading and unloading production


MCT6151 Micro Prober Test Equipment is  specially designed for Continuity test、Insulation test、SPARK test、μ-SHORT test in the manufacturing  process of FPC and RFPC


Test productFPC、RFPC
Test itemsContinuity Four-terminal measurement /two-terminal measurement、Insulation test and optional μ-SHORT test 、SPARK test
Work sheet sizeMin:X70*Y150mm,Max:X610*Y510mm
Test pointsStandard configuration 2048P,Optional 4092P
Basic structureSymmetrical structure of upper and lower molds, double-sided penals can be measured,no need to turn over and changing direction
Positioning accuracyThe relative position accuracy of XY axis is ±5μm
Electrical systemStandard dual electrical testing system (BJ-MicroTest)
Motion unitEtherCAT servo+linear motor module+absolute grating ruler
Visual system  Upper and lower mode CCD cameras conduct positioning guidance
Feeding systemManual board placement or Optional automatic feeding equipment automatic loading/unloading
Marking systemAutomatically output the test report and automatically mark them
Product clamp4-corners clamping+XY tension control
Overall dimensionsW1450×D1820×H1520mm
Power supplysingle-phaseAC 200~220V ±10%

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