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Automation Solution

IMU Tester

● For gyroscope sensor, gravity sensor, acceleration sensor, IMU, angular velocity test of consumer electronic products;

● Suitable for various consumer electronics product testing under 14 inches. Automatically testing DUT;

● According to the customer demand, XYZ 3-axis or XY 2-axis motion characteristics can be customized.;

● Meet multiple DUTs test requirements;

● High accuracy.

Machanical Specification:

Holder Dimension320(W)*250(L)*100(H)mm
Outer Dimension820(W)*820(L)*1830(H)mm
Operation Door Dimension660(W)*850(H)mm
Maintenance Door DimensionN/A
Product Net Weightapprox.415kg
Gross Weightapprox.510kg
Max Speed(X axis)3 (RPS)
Max Speed(Y axis)2 (RPS)
Max Speed(Z axis)1 (RPS)

Electrical specification:

Power   Consumption1100W
Input Voltage220V/AC  50Hz
Remote control interfaceUSB2.0/RS232
Remote   control protocolRS232
Control systemPLC

IMU module specification:

X axis   rotation+/-180deg
Y axis rotation+/-180deg
Z axis rotation+/-180deg
X axis accuracy+/-0.5deg
Y axis accuracy+/-0.5deg
Z axis accuracy+/-0.5deg

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