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Automation Solution

Double Rail Double Valve Dispenser | D4555

● High Accuracy: By the reliable servo-motor and Grinding-Screw design

● High Speed :Maximum speed 1m/s, Maximum acceleration 1G 

● Leading position-control mode.

● Double rail and double valve.The production efficiency can be increased to 2 times or more 

●  Compatible with time & speed control mode.

Features & Application:

●  Intelligent Visual recognition & position, compatible flying capture 

●  RWB tri-thoroughfare Stroboscopic illuminant control system 

● 3D irregular surface interpolation motion function 

● Automatic compensation function of laser ranging 

● All the Parameter configuration of module is control by the high integrate software

● Widely used in semiconduct,electronics manufacture,medicine,biochemistry,automobile,LED,etc.


Function configuration table
TypeDouble rail double valve dispenser\
AxisXY axisLinear motor\
Z axisservo motor+ High precision grinding screw \
dispense   range(XYZ)350*450mm
positioning   accuracy(XY)±25µm@3σ
repetition   accuracy(XY)±15µm@3σ
repetition   accuracy(Z)±20µm@3σ
maximum   speed(XY)1m/s
maximum   acceleration(XY)1G
Control modulecontrol methodIndustrial computer + Motion control card\
cameratypeIndustrial CCD(compatible flying capture)\
illuminantRWBW quad-thoroughfare Stroboscopic illuminant \
ranging systemmeasuring range±15mm
illuminance areaD=0.07mm
repetition accuracy≤0.3mm
Weighing moduleresolving power0.1/0.01mg
Max capacity220g
softwareSelf development based on Windows operating platform\
Conveyor moduleAmount Dual\
Height 900±20mm
Maximum width250(Dual), 500(single)\
Minimum width50\
Conveyance directionL to R, R to L;\
L to L, R to R.
Load ≤1.5kg
Peripheral inputPower Supplyvoltage220VAC
Air Supply0.6Mpa
Expand   communicationValve communicationCompatible with Piezo Injection valve, Pneumatic Injection   valve, Screw valve, etc.\
Upstream and   downstreamSMEMA\
Equipment alarmemergency doorNONC\
Weight alarmSoftware monitoring\
Glue surplus   sensorSoftware and hardware monitoring(Optional)\
Cleaning and   maintenance moduleVacuum cleaningNon contact type nozzle cleaning \
Rotary wipeContact type nozzle cleaning \
Discard tableDiscard before working \
Optional moduleDual driveDual drive on Y axis\
Monochromatic illuminantMonochromatic annular light & coaxial light\
Glue surplus sensorAlarm when a specific residual quantity is   reached\
weighing system-Class 1000000.01mg \
Valve rotateCompatible with multi angle and multi direction   dispensing\
Synchronous Dual-valveCompatible with electric double-valve   calibration\
QR codeCompatible with QR code scan & record\
Loading and unloading deviceBomb chamber mechanism
Conveyor heating3 stage heating\

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