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Automation Solution

Air Leak Tester | LKT1101 

● Applicable to testing of mobile phones and other consumer electronics and products with waterproof and sealing requirements on car berths; 

● Manual testing, semi-automatic testing, automatic testing; 

● For laboratory and  mass production testing.

Main Feature:

● Supports non-destructive testing of IPX7/X8 or higher standards

● Has features such as zero reset, curve analysis, cycle testing, TCP/IP data transmission, etc

● Supports both positive pressure and negative pressure detection methods

● Small size, High instrument accuracy and High cost performance;

●  Customizable complete testing scheme.


Test  pressure range-80   ~ 200 KPa (Option)
Pressure  accuracy±1%FS
Differential   pressure range-1000   ~ 1000 Pa
Differential   pressure accuracy0.5%Rdg   +1 Pa
Working   mediumDry,   oil-free, non-corrosive air
Power   inputAC   220V adaptor to DC 24V/1.5A
CommunicationRJ45,   USB2.0, RS232
Working   temperature10 ~   50°C
Storage   temperature-20   ~ 70°C
Input   air pressure5 ~   7 bar
Dimensions205(W)   x 316.5(D) x 165.3(H) mm

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