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Automation Solution

FPC Automated Test and Handling Equipment

Flexible printed circuit board test handling for single pcs

Product function:

     The flexible printed circuit board is transported to the fixture by the robot of the device. The transport robot consists of two sets of loading and swinging discs. The loading of the flexible printed circuit board tray is manually operated by the operator, and the tray can be loaded on a tray at a time; The material handling robot takes the material from the tray to the fixture to test the flexible printed circuit board. The pendulum robot places the tested flexible printed circuit board on the tray/NG disk; the pass is placed on the disk to automatically complete the stacking, and then the operator Manually remove the pass stacking tray.

Basic Information:

Dimensions1150mm(L)*1100mm(W)* 1840mm(H)
XY axis repeat positioning   accuracy±0.05mm ( X and Y axis directions)
Z-axis repeat positioning accuracy±0.05mm   ( Z-axis   direction)
Tray disk parameters




Tray Product acupoint   depth:5-7mm

Tray Supporting Edge :≥5mm

Remarks: Tray product acupoint   depth refers to the distance from the top of Tray to the DUT support surface.   The device can input up to 30 Tray discs at one time.

testing time

Loading   robot handling time: 6.2sec/2pc

Fixture   test time: 6.5sec/2pcs

Wobble   plate manipulator handling time: 5.5sec/2pcs

Remarks:   The length of fixture test time is determined according to the test content   of different products.

Image processing unit parameters

Camera:   130MP pixel black   and white camera

Field   of view: 30mm x 20mm (change in object distance will cause visual field   changes)

Number   of cameras: 1pcs

Light   source: highlight white coaxial light source

Number   of light sources: 1pcs

Algorithm:   halcon

Test fixture parameters

biggest   size:400mm(L) ,386mm(W), 430mm(H

carrier size: 150mm (L), 120mm (W)

Can   test the maximum product size of single pcs: 50mm (L), 30mm (W)

Probe   type: QA probe, wire needle

Total   load of the probe: up to 40kgf

Note:   “Total probe load” refers to the total probe load of the upper and lower test   fixtures.

Control system parameters

Operating   system: Windows7 32 (Chinese version

)CPU:Core i5

Operating   device: operation panel, keyboard, mouse

Display:   15.6-inch LCD monitor

Touch   screen: 10-inch LCD with touch sensor

Data   storage: 500GB hard drive

Interface:   USB, Com interface

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