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Automation Solution

Automatic Label Folding Machine

1.The whole device realizes the labeling of the watchband by automation.

2.Testing (labeling、 mixing)

3.Automatic carton forming

Machine overview:

Machine Size(L*W*H)
3920mm x   1300mm x 1800mm
 Work table Z-height
For OP legs z-height

Process Comparison:

Process before changingProcess after changingChange Purpose
1.Manual manual discharge;

2.Labeling by mechanical   positioning;

3.Visual inspection of   labeling accuracy;

4.Forming the carton with   a semi-automatic molding machine.

  1. Manual manual discharge;

  2.CCD camera positioning accurate labeling;

  3. Accurately check the accuracy of labeling by CCD camera;

4.Automatic feeding and   folding machine for carton forming.

Manual 400pcs/ hour;

Automatic 550PCS/ hour;

UPPH: 57 raised to 550.

Semi-automatic and automatic comparison
UPH400pcs550pcsPromotion   ratio 37%
UPPH57pcs550pcsNO NO
人数 Number   of people7   people

 1 people

Reduce   6 people
Detection   method
Manual   measurement labeling accuracy

CCD   automatic detection of labeling accuracy, mixing
 NOReduce   manual misjudgment and miss judgment
Tray   positioning method
Mechanical   positioning
Mechanical   positioning + CCD calibration
 NOPrecise   positioning without design basis

productivity calculation:

Station nameC/T
Carton automatic feeding module6.4s
Carton automatic conveying module5.4s
Automatic labeling module6.4s
NG take-up and carton flip module4.6s
NG take-up and carton rotation   module6.4s
Remarks1.Integrate   the C/T time of each module of the entire production line, where 6.4S is the   bottleneck time of the whole line: then the ticking time of the whole line is   6.4S;2. 1 hour of production capacity is:3600s÷6.4s=562.53.Equipment   efficiency is calculated at 98%, and 1 hour capacity is:   562.5x98%=551Pcs/hour

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