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Automation Solution

On-line Automated Dispenser | D3350

 ● High velocity.Velocity can reach 1.2m/s,accelerated velocity can reach 1.5G.

 ● High precision.XY Repeatability can reach ±5 um.

 ● High definition.The use of 0.5 um Linear Encoder guarantees high definition.

 ● Contactless jetting technology.This machine perfectly Air Drive valve,Piezo Drive valve and  Screw Valve,etc.High Safety and reliability can apply to various jetting technology.

 ● Operability.UI programming is simple and usable.

 ● 4 sides dispensing by using tilting bracket.


● Underfilling,FPC encapsulation

● CCD Camera module encapsulation


● Silver Epoxy

● Encapsulation


● Precision coating

● Mobile phone frame point hot melt adhesive

● Chips Package

● Widely used in semiconduct,electronics manufacture,medicine,biochemistry,automobile,LED,etc.

Product Specification:

XYZ System
Dispense Area300 X 400mm(Max)
(XY)/ XY Repeatability±5μm
 Z Repeatability±20μm
XY Accelerationcan reach 1.5G
XY Velocitycan reach 1.2m/s
Conveyor System
Subtrate Size(L,W)55x55mm(Min),400x400mm(Max)
HeaterHot Air Heater,Contact Heater
Feed Track Load-Bearing≤1.5KG(≤6KG option)
Vision system
Camera1.3megapixel,90fpsSoftware supports  Moving Pattern Recognition(Optional)
LightingRGBW 4 colors
Machine Dimension(L,W,H)738x1150x1880mm
Air Pressure80-90 PSI
Power Input220VAC,44-64 HZ Single phase,63A
Ventilationorifice diameter 148mm(Top)
Total Weight1180KG
Product CodeD3350
Height Sensing SystemContactless Laser Sensor(Accuracy: ±20μm)Software supports Moving High   Sensing(Optional)
Min Fluid Weight<0.01mg
Vision SystemIndustrial Camera
SoftwareWindows7 operating systerm

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