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Automation Solution

Vehicle Screen Assembly & Testing Line

● Used for the production of vehicle display screens;

● 14 stations in total;

● Compatible with 3 different products;

● Integrated processes of screwing, typhoon cleaning, vibration testing, optical testing, visual inspection, etc.

● Covering an area of 18m L * 5m W;

● Only 3 operators needed;

● UPH: 70.

Main Features:

● Common Base

Modular design, unified style

Reduce design time and improve design quality

Easy to expand and upgrade

● Double-sided WPC

Meet the different needs of assembly line and testing line

Assembling and testing shared trays, lower cost, fast changeover

Reduced footprint

● Screwing platform

Process, quantity and location can be edited arbitrarily

● Online optical test

Smart design to realize online camera obscura

Achieving uniformity, Implementing algorithms such as Black Mura

● MES system

data traceable

Visualization of the whole line status

● Typhoon cleaning system

Self-made system to reduce cost

● Online vibration test

100% defect detection to improve product quality

Main Technology:

1. Semi-auto module loading

2. PCBA screwing 

3. Connector screwing

4. FPC connecting manually & cover loading 

5. Cover screwing

6. Vibration testing 

7. Clip assembly

8. Product flipping

9. Clip assembly

10. Film tearing 

11. Product heating

12. Run-in testing

13. Product cooling

14. EOL

15. Cosmetic testing

16. Labeling

17. Package

  • Vehicle Screen Assembly & Testing line
  • Vehicle Screen Assembly & Testing line
  • Vehicle Screen Assembly & Testing line
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