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Competition in the era of 5G and artificial intelligence has accelerated the upgrading of enterprise products

Jan. 09, 2020 Source: 经济参考报

The 2020 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) officially opened on the 7th, with about 4,500 companies from more than 160 countries and regions participating. The organizer of the exhibition, the American Consumer Technology Association, believes that the wave of intelligent networking application models equipped with artificial intelligence and 5G technology will become an important trend in the industry.

 Competition in the era of 5G and artificial intelligence has accelerated the upgrading of enterprise products


Cutting-edge technology helps the intelligent connection of all things


The Consumer Technology Association, the sponsor of CES, has completed a forecast report for the global consumer technology market from 2018 to 2023. The forecast for 2020 shows that the field of consumer technology is moving towards the direction of intelligent networking.


"What is happening in the field of consumer technology? Internet of Everything. But the meaning of Internet of Everything has changed, from" Internet of Everything "to" Smart Connectivity of Everything. "On the 5th, the market organizer, the Consumer Technology Association of the United States market research In the annual Technology Trends release, Vice President Steve Keniger puts artificial intelligence on the top spot for the next decade.


"Artificial Intelligence" has been the focus of CES in recent years. As Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Technology Association of America, said, artificial intelligence is not only the "star" of the show, but also a core element leading other technological changes.


At this year's exhibition, people will see "artificial intelligence shows" from various countries and industries: wearable devices, robots, human-vehicle interaction technology, augmented reality glasses, smart beauty devices, various artificial voice assistants ...


In terms of smart home, a variety of smart home products will emerge at this year's exhibition. At the same time, smart farms will also become a new scene of centralized display of artificial intelligence. With the increasing application of intelligent technology in application scenarios, products in the health field are undergoing a change.


Shapiro said that with the development of digital medical technology, wearable devices, remote diagnosis and monitoring and other technologies, new technologies in the field of digital health will help solve some practical problems at this exhibition.


Product upgrades


Well-known chip manufacturers and electronics manufacturers are also speeding up their layout and upgrading of products to cope with the competition in the era of 5G and artificial intelligence.


Intel said at CES that the company is working with Facebook to complete a new artificial intelligence chip in the second half of this year. The new chip will assist researchers in reasoning about the process of using artificial intelligence algorithms and applying them to practical applications, such as automatically tagging friends in photos.


Intel also said at the electronics show that Dell will use Intel's next-generation processors in its XPS series laptops. Another chip maker AMD detailed its new product plans for 2020 at the show.


Before the conference, the research agency Gfk released the 2020 mobile phone market forecast report predicting that this year's global 5G mobile phone sales will reach 170 million units and will lead diversified development. Become a microcosm of the wide application of 5G technology will boost the development of medical technology industry">5G technology


5G commercial launch, 2020 will become an important time window for the global mobile phone market. Gfk predicts that in 2020, the global 5G mobile phone retail volume will reach 170 million units, and China's 5G mobile phone retail volume will reach 110 million units, accounting for 65% of the global 5G mobile phone retail volume.


With the gradual implementation of 5G commercialization, many manufacturers also introduced more mature smart mobility products and solutions at the exhibition, using 5G's high-speed large-capacity transmission to ensure security and precision.


Eye-catching performance of Chinese companies


Over the past few years, Chinese companies have been the main force of CES. Innovative products and technologies have made the industry shine. This time, in addition to home appliances, there have also been highlights in the automotive category.


M-Byte, an electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) launched by the Chinese intelligent electric vehicle company Byton, was unveiled during the exhibition and attracted the attention of many participants.


According to Dai Lei, CEO of Byton, M-Byte is equipped with a 48-inch full-screen, which is by far the largest screen of a production car. On this basis, Byton has developed an innovative human-vehicle interaction system. Users can interact with the vehicle through a variety of interaction methods such as touch, voice, face recognition, air gestures, and physical buttons.


Chinese brand Hisense brought the "evolutionary version" of laser TV during the exhibition, and released subversive products such as curled-screen laser TV, full-color laser TV, and screen-sounding laser TV. Hisense Group also announced its Hisense TV target: in the future, the shipment volume of Hisense TV products will reach 40 million units.


For the expectations of Chinese companies participating in CES, Shapiro recently told reporters that hundreds of Chinese companies will bring innovative scientific and technological achievements to the exhibition, and that the Chinese companies' innovation capabilities are "increasing day by day."      


Shapiro said that well-known Chinese companies including Byton, Changhong, DJI, Haier, Hisense, Huawei, Konka, Lenovo, TCL, ZTE, etc. will once again appear at CES to showcase the latest technology products in different fields.


In recent years, Chinese companies have performed well at CES. Shapiro said that it is very important for the United States and China to expand active cooperation in the field of science and technology. He also believes that with continued emphasis on intellectual property in the process of innovation, Chinese companies will become more confident and their innovation technologies will continue to be promoted globally.


According to reports, the 4-day CES will attract approximately 170,000 participants from more than 160 countries and regions, and more than 4,500 exhibitors will bring nearly 20,000 innovative technology products. Shapiro said that each CES will present transformative technologies that will disrupt future life. This year's exhibition hotspots include the latest developments in 5G and mobile internet, as well as automotive technology, smart cities and digital healthcare.



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