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China may be the first to enter the intelligent era and become the next robot power

Dec. 14, 2019 Source: 浩瀚探索

Speaking of robots, that's a very tall industry. Everyone knows that China is a huge market, but many Europeans do not see China as a major supplier of innovative technologies. Now Europe suddenly realizes that in addition to its rapid development, China has also become a very mainstream country in terms of innovation.


In our age of continuous leaps in science and technology, an era of continuous integration of cultural exchanges, and an era of better social values. The robot industry is the arteries of a country, with huge market prospects and broad development prospects. Industrial robots, service robots, and special robots have developed rapidly, and the application scenarios are constantly enriching. China has undoubtedly become a big robot country.


In 2016, China's industrial robot sales reached US $ 3.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 31.3%. The "China Robot Industry Development Report" issued by the Chinese Institute of Electronics pointed out that the size of China's industrial robot market is expected to reach US $ 4.22 billion in 2017, accounting for 67% of the total size of the robot market. China's industrial robot sales will exceed 110,000 units for the first time. At the 2018 World Robot Conference, the 《2018 China Robot Industry Development Report》 (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") released by the Chinese Institute of Electronics showed that the global robot market size in 2018 will reach US $ 29.82 billion, of which industrial robots account for nearly 60%.

China may be the first to enter the intelligent era and become the next robot power


According to data, in the manufacturing industry, metal products processing electronic products are the application fields of industrial robots. In recent years, as industrial robot technology and processes have become more mature, the applications have gradually extended to the fields of furniture appliances, hardware bathrooms, food and beverages.


We may all adopt robots as the industrial first choice in the future. In the fields of special drones and deep-sea robots, a group of independent innovative products with core competitive advantages have been formed. Successfully researched and developed fixed-wing drone intelligent cluster systems, the world's largest tonnage deep-sea trencher, and service robots China has developed innovative products such as ablation medical assistant robots for tumor treatment and orthopedic robots for difficult spine surgery.


China's robot industry has basically formed a complete industrial chain from the manufacture of upstream core components, to the manufacture of midstream bodies, to the integration services of downstream systems. But don't be too happy. The shortcomings of China's robotic artificial intelligence are our original theoretical innovations. The basic research and development capabilities may not be enough. Many core technologies are still subject to others. China's new generation of artificial intelligence "three-step" strategic goals, the second step of which is "By 2025, a major breakthrough in the basic theory of artificial intelligence."


The technological development of all robot industries and various fields is bringing a new round of huge challenges to the Chinese robot industry and provides many opportunities. If we seize these opportunities, perhaps China will take the lead in entering the intelligent era.


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