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RF Test Solution

BJ-8854 mmWave Anechoic Chamber For Combined mm wave OTA,Proximity Sensor Testing & Radar Test

●For mm Wave Proximity Sensor Test;

●For lab test application.


BJ-8854 mm Wave Anechoic Chamber is designed for mm Wave Proximity Sensor Test. It can profile sensor detect zone and measure max EIRP in different directions. The chamber has high RF isolation from 0.6~72GHz;

●DUT Elevation ± 90°、Azimuth ± 180° of rotation,and Target ± 360° of rotation;

●Linear motion stroke 1200mm, max speed 4m/s, max acceleration 4g;

●Customizable measurement automation scripts, flexible software development.

Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension1080(W)*2406(L)*2007(H)mm
Inner Dimension736(W)*1902(L)*640(H)mm
Operation Door Dimension605(W)*690(H)mm
Net Weight approx.917.5kg
Gross Weight approx.1150kg

RF Specification:

RF Isolation0.6~72GHz >50dB
Absorber Reflectivity<-30dB in FR2
Far Field DistanceMax: 1200mm

Motion Module Specification:

DUT Elevation Rotation±90deg
DUT Azimuth Rotation±180deg
Target Azimuth Rotation±360deg
Rotation Speed45deg/s typ. , Max: 60deg/s
Rotation Accuracy±0.1deg
Target Linear MotionMax: 1200mm
Target Linear Motion SpeedMax: 4m/s
Phantom Linear Motion Accuracy±0.02mm
DUT SizeMax: 280(L)*175(W)mm
DUT WeightMax: 9kg

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