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RF Test Solution

mmWave Anechoic Chamber | BJ-8854

● For mmWave Proximity Sensor Test;

● Absorber reflective:<-30dB in FR2;

● Far Field Distance:Max1200mm

● RF Isolation:0.7~72GHz >50dB

● For lab test application.


BJ-8854 anechoic chamber is designed for measuring the mmWave performance of specific material in 24~72GHz range in lab;

● It can simulate some specific environment, including Long distance(up to 1200mm), High speed in linear motion(up to 4m/s) and Angle rotation(up to 60°/s);

● It is compatible with Antenna Pattern Measurement;

● Fast antenna sphere scanning. USB and RS232 Positioner Control via SCPI or Hex Command Set.

Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension1080(W)*2406(L)*2007(H)mm
Inner Dimension736(W)*1902(L)*640(H)mm
Operation Door Dimension605(W)*690(H)mm
Net Weight approx.917.5kg
Gross Weight approx.1150kg

RF Specification:

RF Isolation0.7~72GHz >50dB
Absorber   Reflectivity<-30dB in FR2
Far Field DistanceMax: 1200mm

Motion Module Specification:

DUT Elevation Rotation±90deg
DUT Azimuth Rotation±180deg
Target Azimuth   Rotation±360deg
Rotation Speed45deg/s typ. , Max: 60deg/s
Rotation Accuracy±0.1deg
Target Linear MotionMax: 1200mm
Target Linear   Motion SpeedMax: 4m/s
Phantom Linear   Motion Accuracy±0.02mm
DUT SizeMax: 280(L)*175(W)mm
DUT WeightMax: 9kg

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