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RF Test Solution

5G OTA Anechoic chamber | BJ-8827

● For consumer electronic devices 5G mmWave far field OTA test;

● Be certificated by Qualcomm; 

● Suitable for DUT size < 15";

● For lab test application;

● Certified by Qualcomm Smart Transmit.


● BJ-8827 anechoic chamber is designed for 5G OTA test for both FR1 and FR2;

● 2-Axis Positioner Elevation 170 degrees and Azimuth 360 degrees of rotation for antenna measurements;

● Positioner can be controlled via USB, RS232 or Ethernet Positioner using SCPI or Hex command set;

● Supports DUTs size up to 15” and weight up to 15 kg;

● Optional thermal enclosures are available for extreme thermal condition test.

Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension1325(W)*1254(L)*2078(H)mm
Inner Dimension1000(W)*1050 (L)*1555(H)mm
Operation Door Dimension750(W)*750(H)mm
Net Weightapprox. 373kg
Max DUT Size380(L)*220(W)*100(H)mm
DUT Weight<15kg

RF Specification:

RF Isolation0.7~60GHz >70dB
Absorber   ReflectivityTypical <-30 dB in FR2
Far Field DistanceMax: 700mm
Antenna PositionTheta(θ)-10°~155°

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