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RF Test Solution

BJ-8019 Anechoic Chamber Applied For 5G Test Chamber

●For consumer electronic devices 5G mmWave far field OTA test;

●Suitable for DUT size < 12";

●For lab test application.


BJ-8019 anechoic chamber is designed for mmWave OTA Test in 0.8~60GHz range.It can support any DUTs with<12”size.

●2-Axis Positioner Elevation and Azimuth 360 degrees of rotation for Antenna Pattern Measurements. Super high speed to scan the antenna sphere. USB, RS232 and Ethernet Positioner Control via SCPI or Hex Command Set.

●Optional thermal boxes are available for Extreme Condition Test.Work Temperature Range -40~80 ±1 ℃.

RF Specification:

Working Frequency 0.8~60GHz
RF Isolation0.8~60GHz >70dB
Absorber Reflectivity 0.8~60GHz<-30dB
Far Field Distance 570mm(typ.)

Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension 970(W)*782(L)*1200(H)mm
Inner Dimension 825(W)*589(L)*969(H)mm
Operation Door Dimension 690(W)*730(H)mm
Net Weight approx.235kg
DUT Size <250(L)*165(W)*50(H)mm
DUT Weight <1.2kg

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