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RF Test Solution

mmWave Anechoic Chamber | BJ-8836

● For consumer electronic devices 5G mmWave far field OTA test;

● Suitable for DUT size < 9";

● For mass production application.


BJ-8836 anechoic chamber is designed for 5G OTA test;

● Supports DUT size up to 9”;

● Optimized for mass production testing requirements;

● Pneumatic drawer design can be fully automated;

● Modularized panel design (top/bottom/left/right/rear) enables options for customized design and future adaptability for new DUT or programs.

Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension658(W)*627(L)*643(H)mm
Inner Dimension441(W)*441(L)*441(H)mm
Operation Door Dimension300(W)*150(H)mm
Net Weightapprox.83kg
Max DUT Size160(W)*240(L)*50(H)mm

RF Specification:

RF Isolation0.7~50GHz >70dB
Absorber   Reflectivity<-30dB in FR2
Far Field Distance70~120mm(typ.)160mm(max in one direction)

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