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RF Test Solution

Compact Anechoic Chamber | BJ-8508

● Open the front/back door manually;

● Manually load/unload DUT;

● Reliable RF Isolation performance from 18GHz 44GHz;

● Flexible accessory to meet multiple test requirements;

● For laboratory testing

Main Feature:

● BJ-8508 mmWave Compact Anechoic Chamber is designed for 5G Direct Far Field Antenna Test;

● RF isolation from 18GHz to 44GHz;

● Shielding effectiveness: >70 dB from 18~44 GHz;

● Absorber reflectivity: <-30dB in FR2.

Mechanical Specification:

Outer   Dimension1450 (W) *   1450 (D) *1950 (H) mm
Inner Dimension1300 (W) *   1300 (D) * 1080 (H) mm
Front Door   Dimension780 (W) *   900 (H) mm
Service Door   Dimension780 (W) *   900 (H) mm
Product   Net Weightapprox. 600kg
Gross   Weightapprox.700kg

Electrical Specification:

Power Consumption800W
Input   Voltage100~240V AC 50Hz

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