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RF Test Solution

Compact Anechoic Chamber | BJ-8513

● For 5G black box measurement for various size DUTs;

● It can be used to simulate interference test of 3C products;
● Fast measurement capability via TTL hardware signal trigger;

● RF Isolation : 700MHz~90GHz>70dB;

● Absorber reflectivity: <-45 dB In  FR2.


● BJ-8513 mm Wave Compact Anechoic Chamber is designed for 5G Far Field Antenna Test.  The chamber has high RF isolation from 700MHz to 90GHz, and meets/exceeds 3GGP 5G Quiet Zone specifications. 

● Used for automotive radar simulation test;

● Five-axis linkage, the system provides fast and accurate antenna measurements for DUTs of all sizes;
● According to product requirements, the equipment speed, detection distance and Angle can be defined at will;

● It can be used to test the product appearance dimension standard.

Mechanical Specification:

Inner Dimension990 (W) * 796 (D) * 1690 (H) mm
Outer Dimension(Does not include industrial control display)1240 (W) * 1070 (D) * 2075(H) mm
Operation Door Dimension875 (W) * 750 (H) mm
Product  Net Weight Approx.450kg
Product  Gross Weight Approx.720kg

Electrical specification:

Power Consumption 1200W
Input Voltage100~120/200~240VAC 50/60Hz
Positioner Control InterfaceUSB Type A Female/DB9 Female for RS232/RJ45

Positioner specification:

Theta axis rotation 0~360deg
Phi axis rotation0~360deg
Theta axis accuracy+/-0.5deg
Phi axis accuracy+/-0.5deg
Supported DUT Size Maximum:215(L)*281(W)mm
Supported DUT Weight Max  2.0kg

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