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RF Test Solution

Multi-antenna Test Chamber | BJ-7902

● Turnkey Solution (Multi-antenna Test);

● For consumer electronic devices 4G OTA test;

● For mass production application.

Main Features:

● Pneumatic/manual operation;

● Automatically testing DUT;

● EMI filter on all data lines;

● Reliable high RF shielding performance up to 6GHz;

● Dual Polarized Vivaldi coupler plate antennas receive energy;

● Option: antenna, port and connector, base on customer requirement.


● BJ-7902 shielding box is designed for 4G Consumer Electronic devices OTA Test. It has high performance on RF isolation from 0.7~ 6GHz, and provides clean RF environment during testing.

Mechanical Specification:

Outer   Dimension649(L)   * 542(W) * 597(H) mm
Inner   Dimension375(L)   * 424(W) * 424 (H) mm
Opening   Dimension899(L)   * 542(W) * 597(H) mm
Door   Dimension170   * 130 mm
Net   Weightapprox.   58kg

Antenna and Antenna Holder:

 image.png   image.png

● Dual Polarized Vivaldi coupler (VSWR ≤ 3.0,from 0.7GHz to 7.5GHz);

● Rotate to adjust the position Step by step at 30 degrees;

image.png    image.png

● 8 sets of probes, It can receive energy in all directions, Compatible with more than 99% antenna pattern, the test results are highly correlated with OTA Chamber.

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