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RF Test Solution

PCBA RF Test System | BJ-7901

● For PCBA conductive testing;

● 700MHz to 6GHz RF Isolation > 50dB;

● Up to 48 RF channels, VSWR < 1.25;

● 4 DUT per box test in parallel, max 5 boxes in each cabinet;

● For mass production application.

Main Features:

BJ-7901 PCBA RF Test System is used for PCBA conductive RF test, with high performance in RF isolation from 0.7~ 6GHz, providing a clean RF environment during the testing process, which is very suitable for automation line.

● Highly integrated modular design, integrated computer, micro power supply;

● EMI filter on all data lines;

● Integrate EOS circuit on UUT end to thoroughly protect EOS/ESD;

● Manual or programmed operation, suitable for automation line;

● Modular design, 90% component can be reused, mother-in-son clip structure, 10 minutes for line change;

● A high efficiency cooling system to ensure that the temperature during DUT test is within the normal range;

● UUT power supply is miniaturized, VBUS+VBAT 4 channels are controllable, supports remote compensation and good dynamic response, and meets the requirements of DUT high-power jump calibration.

Mechanical Specification:

Operation   Mechanismmanual   Operation
Outer   Dimension (Cabinet)600(W)*900(D)*1805(H)mm
Outer   Dimension (Box)444(W)*813.5(D)*132(H)mm
Internal   Dimension(Box)450(W)*880(D)*1558(H)mm
Door   Opening Dimension450(W)*1374(D)*1805(H)mm
Door   Dimension400(W)*111(H)mm
open-close   wayPneumatic   control
Color  Computer   white
weight approx.   220kg

Test Software Platform:

● Support for all 5G FR1 Sub-6 GHz,LTE TDD/ FDD and other legacy 2G/3G technologies;

● Support wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi (802.11a/ac//ax/b/g/n), Bluetooth, Zigbee, and the popular navigational technologies.

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