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RF Test Solution

Electromagnetic reverberation chamber | BJ-7900

● For consumer electronic devices Sub 6GHz OTA test;

● For mass production test application.


BJ-7900, an electromagnetic reverberation chamber, is used for FATP OTA test on the 0.7~6GHz range;

● Comparing with the traditional stirrer solution, it can achieve a stronger and larger uniform field by multiple test probes. So it can support multiple DUTs test in parallel with little variance.

Main Features:

● Support wireless communication test, coupling test, OTA test;

● 4pcs DUT/box test in parallel, double the test efficiency;

● High efficient acquisition algorithm for processing the TRP with multiple test probes, instead of adjusting the antenna position by products. Achieve ±1dB accuracy;

● Support TX, RSSI, BER, BLER,FER, EVM, RSE and other test indicators;

● EMI filter on all data lines;

● Wireless communication with DUT. Avoid the USB impact to the antenna frequency response;;

● Manual or RS-232C/remote operation, suitable for automation line;

● Anti-pinch safety device, forced to open the drawer in case of resistance.

Mechanical Specification:

Operation Mechanismmanual Operation
Outer Dimension (Cabinet)660(W)*1113(D)*1960(H)mm
Outer Dimension (Box)660(W)*600(D)*1000(H)mm
Internal Dimension(Box)560(W)*830(D)*594(H)mm
Door Opening Dimension(Cabinet)660(W)*1513(D)*1960(H)mm
Door Dimension407(W)*115(H)mm
open-close wayPneumatic control
ColorComputer white
weight   approx. 203kg

Test Software Platform:

● Support for all 5G FR1 Sub-6 GHz,LTE TDD/ FDD and other legacy 2G/3G technologies.

● Support wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi (802.11a/ac/ax/b/g/n), Bluetooth, Zigbee, and the popular navigational technologies.

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