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Electrical Test Solution

MP205 Dock Test Reflux Station

● For FPC dual station ICT&FCT testing;

● For multi-station testing automation of various functions; 

● Backend can interface with AOI equipment;

● Modular design, shortening the time for changing lines; 

● Ensure consistent testing environment.

Main Features:

● Integrate the entire product testing process into one line, including testing, film tearing, film application, RF, and bending processes, and the combination can be changed according to needs; 

● Automatic loading and unloading reduces waste caused by the transfer process, and the backend can interface with AOI equipment; 

● Multi board dual line upper and lower layer backflow, adopting automatic backflow method for A and B line boards, integrating multiple functions on similar boards to ensure consistent testing environment; 

● Quickly switch models, adopting modular design, which can quickly switch models and facilitate maintenance, shortening the time for changing lines; 

● The success rate of tearing, pasting, and testing is high, with a yield rate of 99.5% and a scanning rate of 100%; 

● By applying film from the reverse side of the product, the film application mechanism is designed below the carrier plate to make the structure beautiful and efficient; 

● Track the entire process of board operation data, and use RFID technology to track and guide the board, ensuring the accuracy of the testing process; 

● Transfer the board test signal to the upper module through the interface adapter pin, and display the signal on the upper computer software interface after processing. At the same time, it is connected to the mes system to facilitate monitoring and data analysis of the test situation.


The MP205 Dock Reflux Testing Station P2 adopts the form of carrier board reflux, and develops a universal equipment for multi-station testing wiring that integrates functions such as loading and unloading, film tearing, VPP testing, film pasting, bending, airtightness, sound leakage, and ICT. This multi station standard wiring testing equipment that integrates multiple functions can not only solve the production mode where multiple devices need to be combined on the client side, optimize the product production process, improve production efficiency, and reduce upgrade costs. At the same time, rapid product switching and upgrading can also be achieved in subsequent restructuring.

Mechanical Specification:

Dut Size110mm(W)*140mm(L)

Electronical Specification:

Power Consumption1.2KW+6KW+1.5KW
Input Voltage100~220V AC   50Hz
Communication InterfaceUSB Type A  Female with ModBUSTCP/IP LAN
Control SystemTouch Screen+PLC+Mechanotronics

  • MP205 Dock Test Reflux Station
  • MP205 Dock Test Reflux Station
  • MP205 Dock Test Reflux Station
  • MP205 Dock Test Reflux Station
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