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Electrical Test Solution

Dual Station Test Fixture B Series | BJ-5735

● The dual station testing fixture can be used for single or double hole testing;

● The carrier board can be compatible with products size up to 150 * 40mm;

● KIT is a standard structure that can be reused;

● Modular design of needle carrier plate, its upper and lower needle carrier plate can be quickly disassembled;

● The test system is controlled by two independent control mainboards, and the whole system can be compatible with 256 Test point;

● The turntable fixture can be manually loaded or combined with automated equipment for loading and unloading.


● The product rack uses the Bojay standard system framework, which is mainly designed and developed for the relevant test requirements of open short-circuit test, Hall magnetic field, keys, photosensitive components and other soft boards such as connectors, gold pads, tin pads, hole rings, etc.And uses the rotating turntable mode of double stations and double holes to test, and can cooperate with relevant test software to achieve full Test automation and independent testing outside the fixture line and other functional requirements.

Mechanical Specification:

Kit Size500(W)*480(L)*500(H)mm
Tester Size220(W)*210(L)*450(H)mm
Raster Safety Range96(H)mm

Electrical Specification:

Power  Consumption200W
Input  Voltage100~220V AC   50Hz
Control  interfaceUSB/100pin   IO
Standard version single hole256 channels


IO Motion ControlStandardimage.png100pin :1pcs
Test SystemStandard       image.pngUSB2.0 : 2pcs
Cable ConnectorStandardimage.png64pin:6pcs
Interface PanelStandard           image.pngDB9:1pcs

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