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The introduction of air tightness tester

Apr. 28, 2023 Source: Bojay

LKT series air tightness tester is a high-precision test instrument, widely used in auto parts, reversing video, mobile phones, MP3, watches, bracelets, headphones, medical parts, electronic appliances, household appliances, gas appliances and other industries of parts leakage detection.

High sensitivity differential pressure sensor, higher test accuracy; The use of large diameter air control valve, with fast filling speed, good sealing, no heat, long service life and so on.

The system incorporates the latest high resolution analog to digital conversion technology, signal processing, automatic setup, fast inflation and test capabilities, an easy to operate interface and comprehensive communications technology.

The machine adopts intelligent control interface, which can quickly set charging time, pressure holding time and test time, and automatically determine good (OK)/bad (NG) products, greatly saving the test time.

Function introduction

1. can quickly set inflation time, pressure holding time, test time

2. Automatic judgment of qualified and unqualified, accurate judgment of micro leakage, small leakage and big leakage of products

3. automatic detection, simple operation, no skilled labor, save manpower

4. no drying station, improve the working environment, easy maintenance

5. improve the test accuracy, leakage quantification, reduce unqualified rate, statistical analysis of data

6. the realization of non-destructive testing, safe and reliable, very suitable for the testing of electronic products

7. time, leakage dynamic curve simulation display

8. the full function of the input and output interface, can realize the control of the external fixture

9. three kinds of measurement models can be selected: positive pressure model, negative pressure model and positive and negative pressure model

The introduction of air tightness tester

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