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Foldable phones are hot, but this problem has to be overcome

Apr. 26, 2023 Source: Bojay

In 2023,  smartphone manufacturers focus on foldable screen technology. In April, Vivo, Xiaomi and Meizu, three well-known manufacturers, released new patents and new products on foldable phones. It can be seen that the popular flagship foldable phones in 2023 are very hot.According to the data forecast of international authoritative institutions, it is expected that the global foldable  mobile phone shipments will reach 27.6 million units in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of about 70% in 2020-2025.

小-智能手机、 平板电脑、 数字笔、 键盘和语音助理.png

With the development of terminal products such as foldable mobile phones and VR tactile gloves, Flexible screens are being applied more and more in the consumer Electronics market, and Flexible Electronics technology is gradually known by more and more people.

It is estimated that by 2028, the overall flexible electronics industry scale will be 301 billion dollars, which is in a long-term rapid growth trend. Similarly, flexible circuit board (FPC), as the basic component of flexible electronics, is developing rapidly.

As consumer electronics pursue the concept of "small, light, thin and soft", the technology of FPC has been forced to evolve. In terms of wire width, the original 300μm has become 30μm, or even smaller spacing, which has been reduced by 10 times.

Traditional press type manual electric measuring machine has been difficult to meet the product testing requirements of small line width and line distance, and because of the "slow switching adjustment, jig needle mold volume, stop idle" and many other high operating costs may bring losses.

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 MCT6151 Micro Prober Test Equipment of Bojay is suitable for the electrical test project of FPC before SMT. Different circuit defects can be detected by different methods, such as 2W or 4W test method to detect bad circuit opening defects; Through HV high voltage insulation test method to check the insulation defects; The potential defective products can be detected by selecting short and spark test. Not only that, MCT6151 Micro Prober Test Equipment has outstanding performance in ultra-fine measurement, easy to use and efficient production.

●  Ultra-fine measurement ●

◆ The on-resistance test supports the four-terminal check with a minimum of 1mΩ

◆ XY axis equipped with linear motor and grating ruler, ±5μm repeated positioning accuracy easily cope with small pitch products

◆ Carry short and spark detection of potential defects, such as grinding edge caused by bad.

●  Easy to use ●

◆ Small volume multi PIECE needle mold, no special manual skills, one key to replace the needle mold

◆ Advanced image processing technology, visual compensation, automatic search to reduce plate error

◆ Visual statistics of test results, automatically generate electronic statistical reports and can be printed

●  Efficient production ● 

◆ Equipped with ARM+FPGA architecture dual electrical measurement system, test points up to 4096 channels

◆ The upper and lower die can be tested simultaneously, and the R axis can be rotated

◆ With automatic loading and unloading machine, online uninterrupted production

Its selection function is more rich, from the selection of micro spark electrical measurement to heating inspection, from the number of upgrade channels to the purchase of loading and unloading machine, from production quality analysis tools to docking MES, can be flexibly selected according to their own needs, perfect fit your circuit board production workshop.

It can be seen that the MCT6151 micronedle testing equipment developed by Bojay can be perfectly suited to test accuracy, operation convenience and production efficiency, so as to assist testers to successfully complete the electrical testing of FPC flexible board or soft and hard combined board. MCT6151 has brought great benefits to the field of FPC testing, and will be a major contributor to overcoming the challenges of flexible circuit board (FPC) testing.

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