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Liu He : Make good use of both the government and the market forces to develop the ICT industry

Mar. 06, 2023 Source: CCTV News

liu He, as Vice Premier of the state,attach great importance to the development of the integrated circuit industry, and have made important instructions and instructions for many times. We must study carefully, understand and implement them thoroughly. Integrated circuit is the core hub of modern industrial system, related to national security and Chinese modernization process. In our country, a relatively complete industrial chain of integrated circuit has been formed, and a number of excellent enterprises and entrepreneurs have also emerged. In the local area, very strong ability has been formed. In particular, China has a huge chip consumer market and rich application scenarios, which is the most precious resources under the market economy, is the strategic advantage to promote the development of integrated circuit industry.

Liu He stressed that the development of integrated circuit industry must give full play to the advantages of the new national system, make good use of both the government and the market forces. The government should formulate integrated circuit industry policies in line with national conditions and new situations, set pragmatic development goals and ideas, help enterprises to coordinate and solve difficulties, play a good organizational role in areas of market failure, guide long-term investment, give equal preferential policies to domestic talents, give real national treatment to foreign experts, and help enterprises speed up the introduction and training of talents. At the same time, we must attach great importance to giving full play to the important role of market forces and industrial ecology, establish a mechanism for solving problems with enterprises as the main body, and rely on entrepreneurs to realize the healthy development of the integrated circuit industry. In particular, we must be good at discovering and cherishing leading talents with both technical knowledge and strong organizational ability, and give them full play. We must stay committed to international cooperation, make more friends, open wider to the outside world, and maintain the stability of global industrial and supply chains.

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