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The Ministry of Industry:More than 100 demonstration applications of intelligent testing equipment have been promoted, and large-scale applications in eight fie

Mar. 28, 2023 Source: esmchina


On February 21, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other seven departments issued the "Intelligent Testing equipment Industry Development Action Plan (2023-2025)". According to the Plan, by 2025, intelligent testing technology will basically meet the manufacturing process needs of users, the supply capacity of core parts, special software and complete machine equipment will be significantly improved, the demonstration and large-scale application of intelligent testing equipment in key areas will be significantly effective, and the industrial ecology will take shape initially, basically meeting the development needs of intelligent manufacturing.

· Significantly improved technical level. An innovation system for intelligent testing equipment has been initially established, with more than 50 kinds of intelligent testing equipment, core components and special software broken through. Some high-end equipment has reached the international advanced level, product quality has been significantly improved, and a number of basic generic technologies for intelligent testing have been conquered.

· Industry application has been significantly deepened. We will promote the demonstration and application of over 100 intelligent testing equipment, cultivate a number of excellent scenarios and demonstration factories, and deepen the large-scale application of intelligent testing equipment in eight fields, including machinery, automobiles, aerospace, electronics, steel, petrochemical, textile, and medicine.

· Preliminary construction of industrial system. A complete industrial chain covering materials, components, spare parts, special software and equipment has been established, as well as an industrial system covering standards, testing and personnel. Cultivate more than 30 specialized and new "little giant" enterprises of intelligent testing equipment, build more than 10 industry leading innovation teams, and significantly improve the market environment for users to dare to use.

The Plan calls for supporting the construction of a number of national intelligent testing equipment key laboratories, engineering research centers, innovation centers and other R&D and innovation carriers, and strengthening the research and development of frontier and generic technologies. We will give full play to the role of leading enterprises, research institutions and universities in the industry, promote collaborative innovation in the industrial chain, and accelerate the transfer and application of innovation achievements. Enterprises are encouraged to strengthen the construction of technology centers and develop key and applied technologies.

Actively tracking the development trend of intelligent testing equipment technology at home and abroad, and studying the new value transfer and traceability, extraordinary testing technology and other intelligent testing theories and methods and common technologies. Strengthen the docking with the needs of users in key areas, and develop special detection technology to adapt to the manufacturing process. We will promote the integrated application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, big data and cloud computing, and improve the perception, analysis, control and decision-making capabilities of intelligent detection equipment.

It systematically sorted out key weaknesses of intelligent testing equipment, guided materials, components, spare parts, special software enterprises and complete machine enterprises to integrate organically, and carried out collaborative research on the industrial chain. We will organize and demonstrate the application of key products and processes in one package, vigorously promote the market application of high-quality basic products, and promote the formation of a new industrial chain of intelligent testing equipment, in which the upper, middle and lower reaches are mutually integrated and cooperate with each other.

Key directions of basic innovation

· Overcome core components/components. The development of high-precision contacts, high-precision non-contact gas-electric conversion probe, high-performance photomultiplier tubes, high-precision gratings, high-precision encoders, high-precision vacuum pumps, high-precision sensors, high-performance X-ray detectors, high-power microfocal spot X-ray tubes, high-precision industrial cameras, high-precision optical components and other key parts/components of intelligent detection equipment.

· Develop special software. Develop structured and unstructured high-frequency detection data processing and analysis technology, develop fault diagnosis, intelligent analysis, online rapid evaluation technology and software, reliability, life data analysis software, machine vision algorithm, image processing software and other special detection and analysis software as well as typical product detection basic database.

According to the Plan, focusing on the urgent needs of intelligent testing in manufacturing process, product quality, equipment operation, remote operation and maintenance, safety environment and other aspects, the plan aims to develop a batch of cutting-edge intelligent testing equipment, upgrade a batch of general intelligent testing equipment, develop a batch of special intelligent testing equipment, transform and upgrade a batch of in-service testing equipment, and improve the supply capacity of intelligent testing equipment.

In basic core and frontier science and technology fields such as quantum information, virtual detection, life health, brain science, aerospace science and technology, which have a bearing on national security and development, we will strengthen integrated innovation in basic theories, new manufacturing processes and original detection technologies, and conquer and develop a number of cutting-edge intelligent detection equipment.

To meet the general testing requirements of the manufacturing industry, such as chemical composition analysis, performance testing, geometric measurement, reliability evaluation, and other new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain are integrated, and a number of general intelligent testing equipment with a wide range of applications are upgraded through engineering breakthroughs such as result maturing, test verification, iterative progression, and pilot and pilot trials.

Focusing on the special testing needs of machinery, automobile, aerospace, electronic information, steel, petrochemical, textile, pharmaceutical and other industries, support the lead of users, interdisciplinary and cross-field research, carry out forward design based on digital model, integrate new principles, new materials and new processes, and develop a batch of special intelligent testing equipment. We will strengthen the development of special testing equipment for new materials, biological manufacturing and other emerging fields.

To meet the needs of digital, networked and intelligent development in the traditional manufacturing field, by embedding intelligent components or devices such as sensors, controllers and communication modules, the in-service testing equipment of a batch of production lines can be transformed to promote the interconnection between manufacturing equipment and inspection and testing equipment, improve the intelligent level of products, and support the construction of digital workshops and intelligent factories.

In the electronics industry, breakthrough surface particle detection equipment, defect detection equipment, electrical performance testing system, high-precision probe station, highly reliable electromagnetic interference measurement receiver, etc.

We will carry out technical equipment promotion projects, strengthen technical test verification and engineering energy inspection, and promote the technical maturation and iterative performance improvement of intelligent testing equipment. We will demonstrate the application of innovative products and promote their popularization, and promote the application, demonstration and large-scale promotion of intelligent measurement equipment in the machinery, automobile, aerospace, electronics and other industries.

Aiming at the detection requirements brought by high cleanliness and ultra-fine processing in the electronics industry, intelligent detection of film thickness, defects, electromagnetic properties and other parameters is realized.

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