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In the 5G+AI era, who can become a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence?

Sep. 29, 2019 Source: 国际在线

 On September 26, Huawei conducted the second issue of "Coffee Dialogue with Ren Zhengfei" in Shenzhen. Ren Zhengfei talked about the development of new technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence and the resulting impact. Ren Zhengfei said, "5G is a pediatric thing, and the biggest change in the future should be artificial intelligence."

In the 5G AI era, who can become a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence?cid=22

 Artificial intelligence puts forward a new proposition to a society and a country, which will influence and shape the core variables of the country. A country will undergo earth-shaking changes due to AI technology. In the conversation, Ren Zhengfei proposed to turn artificial intelligence into a driving force for the development of the entire international society and social structure, and the development of technology depends on the basic capabilities of the country – it includes education, talent, and industry maturity algorithms. , computing power and infrastructure. "I think that when this era comes, it will make mankind more prosperous."

 With the third time that artificial intelligence has been written into government work reports, the industry has risen to the national strategic level. Nowadays, looking at the world, China and the United States have taken the lead in entering the artificial intelligence no man's land. Relying on the leading technical strength, the AI giant gradually reveals its own skills. Which of them can highlight the encirclement and lead the development of artificial intelligence industry in China and the world?

 Last year, Huawei, which is based on communication, officially launched the artificial intelligence business to the front of the 2018 conference, and announced the AI strategy for the first time. On September 23 this year, Hubble, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huawei, invested in the first echelon of artificial intelligence in China to think deeply about artificial intelligence, reaching tens of millions of yuan.

In the 5G AI era, who can become a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence?cid=22

 Alibaba released a light-emitting 800 AI chip at this year's Yunqi Conference. It is understood that in the industry standard ResNet-50 test, the optical 800 inference performance reaches 78563 IPS, which is four times higher than the best AI chip in the industry; the energy efficiency ratio is 500 IPS/W, which is 3.3 times that of the second place.

 In addition, as the earliest artificial intelligence enterprise with profound technical background in China, Iflytek was listed in the first batch of national artificial intelligence open innovation platform, and it also assumed the construction of national key laboratories. In recent years, Iflytek has also won numerous awards in the world of artificial intelligence voice. In 2019,Iflytek has won 14 consecutive Blizzard Challenge International Speech Synthesis Contests; in 2018,Iflytek  has also won all the champions of the CHiME-5 competition, and at the same time significantly refreshed the best results of each project;in the same year IWSLT competition Iflytek won the second place on the traditional baseline model and won the first place on the latest end-to-end model. 

 Voice is the just-needed human-computer interaction in the era of artificial intelligence. At present, Iflytek power "platform + track" strategy has been comprehensively deployed in various fields related to people's lives, including education, medical care, politics and law, smart cities, and consumers. As of July 31 this year, the total number of developers of Iflytek Open Platform exceeded 1.04 million, the total number of applications was 660,000, the cumulative number of end users reached 2.46 billion, and the total number of AI university students reached 308,000. 

 From this point of view, Huawei, Alibaba, and Iflyte are the leading companies that are most likely to highlight the new wave of artificial intelligence and occupy the commanding heights of China and the world. It is worth noting that the development of the artificial intelligence industry does not depend on which enterprise can be completed. It requires the joint efforts of the entire industry to create an industrial ecology in order to win the world's scientific and technological discourse rights.

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