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Automation, 5G, artificial intelligence... 2020 technology trends worthy of attention

Sep. 10, 2019 Source: 资本实验室•今日创新观察

     On the road to the Internet of Everything, the six technologies of automation, 5G, artificial intelligence, voice technology, blockchain, and analytics will play an important role and become a technology worthy of continuous attention in 2020 and beyond.

    5G as a higher, faster and stronger communication protocol, artificial intelligence and advanced analysis technology to analyze massive data, blockchain to protect digital asset exchange, voice technology breaks the boundaries of various human-computer interaction interfaces, and automation is complete Changing our production and lifestyle... The development, application and integration of these technologies will create a new world that will change with each passing day.



       Automation is a technical term that covers a wide range of topics. The exact meaning is often unclear, but automation ultimately means the convergence of technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, robotics, and big data. For most software companies, automation is a key technology driver for their business.

Automation, 5G, artificial intelligence... 2020 technology trends worthy of attention

     Whether it's automated banking, automated manufacturing, or retail robots, home robots, the development of automation will ultimately reduce manpower investment while maximizing profit potential.

     According to Reportlinker, the global industrial control and factory automation market is $160 billion in 2018, and is expected to increase to $269.5 billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.08%.

     Not only in the industrial sector, automation in the consumer sector also has considerable room for growth. According to ABI Research, nearly 90 million households around the world will own a robot by 2024. At the same time, consumer robots will reach 39 million units in 2024.

    When we look to the future of automation, we will encounter unlimited possibilities. Experts believe that the use of all the highly advanced technologies brought about by automation will make our lives better and more convenient, and will continue to be implemented at a higher speed than at present.


2. 5G

   There is no doubt that 5G has become one of the hottest areas in the world for competing development.

Automation, 5G, artificial intelligence... 2020 technology trends worthy of attention

     5G will be an important driver of wireless technology growth. With manufacturers launching more 5G mobile phones and major telecom companies around the world to promote 5G deployment, 5G will achieve rapid growth in 2020 and enter a new stage of development. According to Ericsson's "2019 Mobile Market Report", by 2024, the global population covered by 5G will reach 45% to 65%.

    Not only does your 5G network mean that your phone will be faster, it means that everything will be faster.

    Implementing 5G around the world will result in higher bandwidth speeds and more reliable wireless and mobile networks. This will ultimately drive automation and other related technologies to spread from cities to remote areas faster. The high data transmission speed of 5G will also make the realization of driverless cars easy, because it can obtain real-time data of the entire city.

    In addition to 5G, there is also the development and implementation of WiFi 6. Compared with WiFi 5, WiFi 6 can increase the current data download speed by 3 times. Although they belong to different technologies, they have greatly improved the wireless communication protocol. The new network protocol will also allow more devices to connect to a given network and provide a larger data range.

    As the amount of data consumed via WiFi increases, this more efficient network protocol will better support the load.


3. Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence has been on the top of the technology trend rankings for many years and is likely to continue to top the list for the next decade.

Automation, 5G, artificial intelligence... 2020 technology trends worthy of attention

    In addition, active venture capital has further promoted the global smart entrepreneurial boom. According to CB Insights, from the second quarter of 2013 to the second quarter of 2019, more than 3,600 artificial intelligence startups worldwide received nearly $66 billion in financing through nearly 7,000 financing.

     With increased computing power and the use of artificial intelligence, computers will be able to start performing more complex human tasks at lightning speed.

     Over the next decade, we may begin to see artificial intelligence that does not require any manual intervention, and they can become smarter through autonomous learning.


4. Voice technology

    In the past, we have witnessed the rapid development of voice technology, such as Google's Siri, Amazon's Alexa. However, although they are useful in everyday life, they still do not meet human expectations.

Automation, 5G, artificial intelligence... 2020 technology trends worthy of attention

    Voice is a medium that tends to be organic and free flowing, and this medium is not easily converted into digital technology. With the development of artificial intelligence and computer learning programs over the next decade, it is expected that speech interpretation and speech creation software will cross the current mysterious valley into a more parallel field with humans.

    In the near future, voice commands and voice assistants will prove to be more useful for our daily lives and will blur the boundaries between various human technology interfaces. With the development of basic technologies (artificial intelligence, speech processing, machine learning) in various industries, it will only be given greater technical importance.

    In the field of speech technology, one of the most cutting-edge directions is neurolinguistic programming, or NLP. This new programming language will enable computers and systems to understand the true meaning of speech, and also allow computers to understand the human tone, satire, puns, and even deeper contextual cues, such as double meanings, hidden behind them.


5. Blockchain

   Blockchain is a technology that allows secure, verifiable communication, effectively preventing malicious behavior during data transmission.

   Automation, 5G, artificial intelligence... 2020 technology trends worthy of attention

    Most people recognize blockchains from their underlying technology as cryptocurrencies.

    Although the blockchain has been a concept since the 1980s, and the cryptocurrency associated with it has occupied a lot of attention in recent years, the blockchain has made slow progress in all areas of technology. In the next few years, even decades, this is a growth area worthy of attention.

    Blockchain technology is currently only implemented in a few industries, but it is ready to provide a secure infrastructure for many aspects of our digital lives.

    According to the latest forecast of ABI Research, a technology market consulting firm, the global blockchain market revenue is expected to reach $10 billion by 2023.


6. Analysis techniques

    In Gartner's latest 2019 emerging technology maturity curve, high-level AI and analysis are listed as one of the five major trends, including: adaptive machine learning, edge artificial intelligence, edge analysis, interpretable AI, artificial intelligence platform Services, migration learning, generating confrontational networks and graphical analysis.

Automation, 5G, artificial intelligence... 2020 technology trends worthy of attention

    Analytical technology is playing an increasingly important role in the growth of global companies. Analysis can not only tell you whether it is successful in the market, but also help you predict the next step in the market.

    Analysis, while seemingly simple on the surface, actually requires a lot of data processing to turn large amounts of raw data into actionable and useful data.

    As cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and big data grow, data is becoming increasingly blurred. The use of machine learning analysis tools will be more important than the currently implemented analysis tools in understanding data, identifying problems, and even getting action recommendations.

In essence, analytics is a specialized area in which artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are particularly useful. The analysis will be the perfect use case for many emerging technologies over the next decade.(Reference Information:interestingengineering,Gartner,CB Insights,ABI Research)


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