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Why can China's 5G development lead the world?

Sep. 26, 2019 Source: 人民网

 From 1949 to 2019, the People’s Republic of China has gone through 70 years of ups and downs. The Chinese Communist Party led the Chinese people to be self-reliant and hard-working, and created a Chinese miracle that attracted worldwide attention.

 Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the social ideal that all benevolent people in China have dreamed of since modern times. In the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, we have been closer to the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than at any time in history. We are more confident and capable of achieving this goal than at any time in history.

 How did all this happen? Why can the Communist Party of China? Why is China doing? Where is the confidence, theoretical self-confidence, institutional self-confidence The world is full of curiosity, and the times are constantly asking.

 People's Daily launched a large-scale "70-question 70-year-old" full-media series of reports, looking for "Chinese genes" contained in historical achievements, and cracking down the "Chinese password" behind historical changes.

 "Now it's working on the arteries. The correct plane has been found. You can see that there are nerves inside. Now you need to protect the nerves, which is very important for the patient's subsequent quality of life." 

 On June 28th, at the 2019 World Mobile Conference held in Shanghai, People's Daily reporter witnessed a real-time 5G remote surgery instructional demonstration. With the patient's full consent, with the 5G network connection provided by China Mobile, Dr. Antonio Draghi, head of the gastrointestinal surgery service at Barcelona Clinical Hospital, provided the Shanghai Oriental Hospital operating room in the venue of the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Remote real-time guidance.

Why can China's 5G development lead the world?cid=22

Live broadcast of Shanghai New International Expo Center 

 “Where is the biggest advantage of 5G transmission? The transmission of the entire audio and video is quite good, there is no stuck and delayed, and the operation progresses very smoothly.” The feeling of the surgeon at the hospital was heard in the live venue. 

 For thousands of years, people have been transmitting information in different ways. In ancient times, communication methods such as bonfire, flying pigeons, and fast horses were widely known. After the second industrial revolution, advances in science and technology led to the development of telecommunications, and the invention of telegraph telephones made the communications field overwhelming. The changes; afterwards, the emergence of computers and the Internet has made the "clairvoyant" "shunfeng ears" become a reality... At this moment, the arrival of 5G is about to bring subversive changes to people's lives.

 According to forecasts, in 2030, China's 5G indirect pull GDP will increase to 3.6 trillion yuan. On June 6 this year, China officially released 5G commercial licenses. Based on the support of leading technologies and the obvious advantages of the world's largest user scale, huge 4G network, and rich mobile Internet applications, the issuance of 5G commercial licenses in China can be described as natural. The industry believes that the government attaches great importance to the company and actively rushes to the beach. "China's 5G development leads the world" has become a necessity. 

Why can China's 5G development lead the world?cid=22

Estimation of 5G economic output in the decade from 2020 to 2030(Source: China Xintong Institute, China Business Industry Research Institute)


Innovation-based, government and enterprise cooperation

Consolidate the "chassis" of China's 5G development 

 Since the 1980s, mobile communications has seen a new generation of revolutionary technologies every 10 years, continuously accelerating the innovation process of the information industry, and constantly promoting the economic and social prosperity and development. However, for a long time, China's mobile communications industry has fallen behind. 

 In 1987, China officially entered the 1G era. The shape of “Big Brother” was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but the core technologies and standards were firmly grasped by foreign companies. In 1994, 2G landed in China, sending text messages became possible, and mobile phones became more and more civilian; In 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 3G licenses, higher bandwidth and more stable transmission speed to make mobile internet into reality, and domestic mobile phones took the trend. In 2013, 4G licenses arrived on schedule, and China's independently developed TD-LTE standard was obtained. Widely used, it has spawned new formats such as mobile payment and short video. 

 After the continuous efforts of “1G blank, 2G follow-up, 3G breakthrough, 4G and running”, 5G is hard-won for China. The “5G lead” is based on the macro layout of China's top-level design on the one hand, and the innovation capability and first-mover advantage at the enterprise level on the other hand.

  As early as February 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly established the IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group to fully launch the 5G technology research and development test. In the "13th Five-Year Plan", "13th Five-Year National Informationization Plan", "National Informatization Development Strategy Outline", "Information and Communication Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)" and other important documents, Actively promote the development of 5G industry.

 In June 2018, the International Mobile Telecommunications Standardization Organization (3GPP) officially approved the establishment of the fifth-generation mobile communication technology standard (5G NR) independent networking function, and the first phase full-featured full version of the 5G standard was officially introduced. At the same time, China has also accelerated the deployment of 5G industry: the three major operators and China Radio and Television are accelerating the construction of 5G networks and promoting the construction of 5G applications; Huawei, ZTE, etc., the leader in communications equipment, have been recognized by the industry for standards development and industrial applications; Mobile phone manufacturers such as Canada, OPPO, and vivo have also delivered the first 5G mobile phone to operators...

 Zhang Tongxu, president of China Mobile Research Institute, said that China Mobile has formulated the “Three Fives” plan to build 50,000 5G base stations in 50 cities by the end of the year and to provide 5G commercial services for all cities above the prefecture level by 2020. . According to CCID, China will build at least 11.4 million 5G base stations in the next five years.

 According to the 5GPP network standard development process previously published by 3GPP, the second phase of the 5G standard needs to be developed this year to meet the requirements of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). It is expected that by 2020, a complete standard will eventually be formed. The reporter learned that there are dozens of enterprises or institutions in China that have become partners of 3GPP.

 Huawei, for example, has become the 5G control channel coding standard by its leading force. It is China's first breakthrough in channel coding. Huawei recently launched the world's first flagship at the Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in Berlin, Germany. 5G SoC - Kirin 990 5G. The industry believes that in the first year of 5G commercial use, China not only has its own communication standard, fully leading 5G SoC chip, but also can get excellent 5G terminal experience and rich Internet application in the first time.

 The right to speak in the 5G era is also reflected in the number of patents owned by equipment manufacturers. Data show that as of the end of last year, China's 5G patent applications ranked first in the world. Among them, Huawei ranks first in the world in terms of 5G patents, and ZTE ranks third in the world. According to the analysis of IPLytics of the German patent data company, as of March 2019, the number of major global 5G standard patents that Chinese manufacturers have applied for is 34%, far higher than 25% in South Korea and 14% in the US and Finland.

 "This is enough to prove that China is the core leader of the 5G era." Liu Chang, vice president of OPPO and president of OPPO Research Institute, told People.com that China's mobile communication technology has experienced backwards and chasing to lead in the past few decades. It is a long process. At present, with its advanced strategic layout and talent reserve, China's 5G has obvious first-mover advantage in patent accumulation, standard influence, intelligent hardware device manufacturing and application scene development in the world, and also for China's 5G. Development has laid a solid foundation.


Open first, cooperation and win-win

Expand China's 5G development space

 Openness is the only way to prosperity and development. China's huge market potential and open cooperation posture have attracted many multinational companies to participate in the construction of 5G in China, providing valuable advanced experience and technical support for China's 5G development.

 In the “Encouraging Foreign Investment Industrial Catalogue (2019 Edition)” promulgated by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce, the “Invitation Letter” has been added to foreign merchants in the fields of high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, and green manufacturing, and 5G core components have been added. Entries for integrated circuits, chip packaging devices, cloud computing devices, etc.

 The development of 5G requires global cooperation, promotes the revolution of the technology industry, and creates common interests that belong to the global industry. The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has publicly stated that foreign companies such as Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm are actively participating in the development of China's 5G. Chinese companies maintain good cooperative relations with them, and mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

 Open cooperation is the main theme of the development of 5G industry. In April this year, Intel and China Unicom signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation: for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, in-depth cooperation in 5G infrastructure technology and smart venues, to create a new 5G experience, bring unprecedented changes to the Olympic Games, create a wonderful Extraordinary and remarkable "Wisdom Winter Olympics".

 As a representative of EU-China cooperation, Nokia has realized technology sharing interaction with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China FAW, Xiaomi, Tencent, etc., and built 5G laboratories with several domestic ecological partners, and released several joints. The 5G results and applications of R&D continue to help China's 5G ecosystem construction and development.

 At the beginning of August, at the 2019 ChinaJoy conference held in Shanghai, a Qualcomm Xiaolong theme pavilion covering an area of 12,000 square meters and covering 5G is covered. Here, vivo, Nubian, Yijia, OPPO, Xiaomi and ZTE respectively demonstrated the cloud gaming experience in the 5G live network environment using the smartphone equipped with the Snapdragon 5G mobile platform. Many players on the scene experienced it with great interest. 5G technology brings the ultimate pleasure to mobile digital entertainment.

 Why can China's 5G development lead the world?cid=22

2019 ChinaJoy Qualcomm Dragon Theme Hall 

 Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China, said in an interview with People's Daily that as an important part of China's 5G industry chain, Qualcomm and the entire industry chain partners jointly promote China's and global 5G development, and support Chinese manufacturers to seize the global 5G opportunities. Based on this, Qualcomm has always regarded Chinese partners as “the most dynamic partner and the most stable partner”.

 One plus mobile phone is one of Qualcomm's important partners. Liu Zuohu, the founder of a mobile phone, told People's Daily: "All the hardware and software development resources of the company are optimized for the Snapdragon 800 series, which makes us the mobile phone brand that exerts the maximum performance of Qualcomm 800 series processors. The close cooperation of leading companies has prompted a plus to bring quality 5G equipment to the world."

 In the view of Liu Qicheng, editor-in-chief of Communication World Network, domestic enterprises can gradually make up for the shortcomings in China's chip field through international cooperation. “Seeking truth from facts, although China's 5G technology is gradually maturing, practical application is the most important. The mobile phone terminal that first landed, the commercial use of supporting industries such as industrial upgrading and Internet of Things construction is still in the experimental period, which is still full of challenges for us."

 Of course, the logic of cooperation and win-win has always been in the promotion of all aspects of 5G technology development. Recently, at the thirty-second meeting of the International Telecommunication Union "WP 5D" held in Buzios, a small town in Brazil, the Chinese delegation submitted a 5G technical solution to the International Telecommunication Union. Xu Xiaoyan, head of the Chinese delegation, said that China's 5G technology program expresses China's understanding of 5G technology, considers the integrity and advancement of 5G technology, and maintains a globally unified standard centered on the third-generation partner program. Reflecting the common interests of China and the global industry.


Sharing as a sect, all things connected

China's 5G development achievements benefit the world

  In the early morning of August 5th, China's 5G field ushered in an epoch-making moment.

 At the 5G Experience Store at Suning Tesco Plaza, Ciyun Temple, Beijing, 78-year-old retired bridge engineer Yang Shiqi became the first consumer in the country to purchase 5G mobile phones. This mobile phone is ZTE's Axon 10 Pro 5G version, equipped with Visionox 6.47-inch FHD+ flexible AMOLED screen. Whether it is 5G technology or 5G era display technology, China has achieved core technology controllable.

 “From daily life to industrial manufacturing, from health care to the Internet of Everything... We firmly believe that 5G will change the lives of future consumers in the true sense. The future 5G terminals are not limited to mobile phones, maybe smart phones. VR glasses, or any medium that you can reach in your life," said Hu Baishan, executive vice president of vivo, told People's Daily.

 Zhang Xinsheng, chief expert of the China Association for Science and Technology Information and Communication Science Communication Expert Team, believes that 5G is not only a new generation of mobile communication technology, but also an economic and social development infrastructure. In the future, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. will promote 5G to become an open and intelligent network. At the same time, 5G technology will also enable telemedicine, smart manufacturing, smart city, driverless, cloud games and many other application scenarios.

 It can be seen that the large-scale commercialization of 5G technology will have far-reaching impacts and changes on global economic and social development. In this regard, Vice Minister Xin Gongbin of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has repeatedly pointed out that any country and people have the right to pursue a better life. 5G is not only important to China, but also important to all countries in the world. China has always adhered to the concept of openness, tolerance, cooperation and win-win, and joined hands with the global industry to promote 5G development.

 “One flower is not spring,” Chinese companies have been acting to help global 5G development.

 On February 26, South Africa's mobile data network operator Rain announced cooperation with Huawei to jointly launch South Africa's first 5G commercial network. This makes South Africa one of the first countries in the world to deploy 5G.

 On July 9, Moroccan Telecom announced that with the technical support of Huawei, Morocco has achieved full coverage of 5G networks and became the first country in Europe and even the world to fully cover 5G.

 On July 12, ZTE announced that it has joined Slovakia's mobile operator SWAN Mobile to open the first 5G network video phone in Slovakia and demonstrated a variety of industrial applications based on 5G networks, which is a milestone for Slovakia 5G commercial.

 On July 18th, the Ministry of Telecommunications of Ecuador, local telecom operator CNT and Huawei jointly held the first event of the 5G Experimental Bureau. President Moreno was looking forward to the future of the country's 5G at the event and said that it would deploy 5G as soon as possible because it will play an important role in health, safety and education.

 On August 27th, ZTE announced that it cooperated with Indonesian mobile operator Smartfren (Golden Light) to successfully support the Indonesian Ministry of Communications to demonstrate the application of 5G in manufacturing.

 It can be said that China's practice of promoting 5G development and application will bring about a wide range of demonstration effects and create new kinetic energy for the development of the global mobile communication industry.

 As President Xi Jinping said at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia: "I hope that the people of all countries will work together and work together to build a community of human destiny to create peace, tranquility, prosperity, openness and beauty in Asia and The world.” The global 5G technologies and standards that lead the world provide a Chinese solution for the construction of a community of human destiny.

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