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AI intelligence to create an upgraded version of the industrial Internet

Jun. 19, 2023 Source: CWW

In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the industrial Internet has become the two top flow concepts, then artificial intelligence and the industrial Internet meet, what kind of spark will be collided? At the 2023 World Telecommunications and Information Society Day conference held on May 17, Lu Chuncong, president of the China Industrial Internet Research Institute, said that the industrial Internet and the development of artificial intelligence complement each other and complement each other, the industrial Internet has created broad development prospects for the development of artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence has intelligent the development of the industrial Internet. The integration of the two is of great significance to the construction of a modern industrial system and the construction of a new development pattern.

Artificial intelligence has entered a new stage of development

"Artificial intelligence is the representative of the top-level application technology of the fourth industrial revolution, and the ultimate purpose of massive industrial data convergence is to be applied, mainly relying on artificial intelligence technology to achieve." Most of the basic technologies in emerging fields, such as chip end and cloud network end, will serve the application of artificial intelligence in thousands of industries, and promote fundamental changes in production methods and enterprise forms." Lu Chuncong talk.

As a strategic technology, artificial intelligence is a strategic battleground for major countries in the world to seize the opportunity for the development of the fourth industrial revolution. The United States and Europe accelerate the strategic layout of artificial intelligence, increase financial support, strengthen application traction, improve the innovation ecosystem, continue to build artificial intelligence computing infrastructure such as supercomputing centers and big data centers, support the innovation breakthrough of large models, and shape the competitive advantage of artificial intelligence countries.

In November last year, ChatGPT released by OpenAI, an American technology company, attracted global attention, becoming another important change after "Deep Blue" in 1991 and AlphaGo in 2010. Artificial intelligence is at a new tipping point.

Just in early May, the US government announced that it would spend $140 million to build 11 more national AI research institutes. In addition, the much-watched European Union artificial intelligence bill was also voted on last week. As a fusion technology, artificial intelligence accelerates the deep integration of IT, CT, OT, and DT, and promotes the comprehensive breakthrough and iterative innovation of related technologies. Through the integrated application of digital technologies such as 5G, edge computing, and big data, artificial intelligence plays the same "cloud - network - edge - end", and builds a pan-intelligent infrastructure integrating intelligent perception, intelligent decision-making, and intelligent control. Support the integration of data, computing power and algorithms, change the combination of production factors, and lead the collaborative innovation of the technology industry.

In recent years, China's artificial intelligence technology has developed rapidly, and the industrial scale has continued to grow. Last year, the scale of the artificial intelligence industry exceeded 500 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 20%, far higher than the GDP growth rate. The number of enterprises exceeded 4,200, the application of algorithms, open source framework and other key core technologies accelerated breakthroughs, artificial intelligence chips in the performance, speed, utilization rate have been effectively improved, image recognition, speech recognition and other applications have entered the international advanced ranks. Some of the industry's leading AI platforms initially have the ability to support the rapid development of the industry, and the development of artificial intelligence has also led to the prosperity of the GPU chip industry. China has built ten national supercomputing centers and seven artificial intelligence computing centers operated by cities, and artificial intelligence is speeding up the deep integration with the industry, driving the profound adjustment of innovative ways and business models, and emerging a large number of vivid practices and typical cases.

Five typical application modes of industrial Internet and AI integration

Industrial powers in the United States and Europe continue to promote the application of industrial intelligence, the penetration rate of AI applications in top European manufacturing enterprises exceeds 50%, and the penetration rate of applications in American manufacturing enterprises is close to 30%, of which quality control, inventory management and monitoring and diagnosis are typical scenarios for AI applications in industry.

Lu Chuncong pointed out that China has gradually explored and formed five typical application models in the process of accelerating the integration of artificial intelligence and industrial Internet, promoting the cost reduction, quality and efficiency improvement of enterprises, and green and safe development.

One is to enhance digital design. Applying AI technology to product design process, deep learning is carried out in material ratio, parameter design, performance simulation and process optimization through modeling and simulation and complex calculation, reducing trial and error costs and improving design efficiency and quality.

The second is man-machine collaborative manufacturing. Through the analysis and prediction of production data by AI, automatic perception, intelligent analysis, autonomous decision-making and precise control of the manufacturing process can be achieved, and the precision collaboration between machines or systems can be improved, gradually promoting the production process to lean and unmanned development.

Third, lean operation management. Based on cross-department, cross-level and cross-enterprise data interoperability and business interconnection, AI algorithms are used to predict and optimize production demand and business capacity, and realize system linkage of collaborative design, production, sales, logistics, etc., to improve operation management efficiency.

Fourth, precise quality control. Relying on 5G, artificial intelligence and other new generation information and communication technologies, facing product quality inspection, equipment operation and maintenance and other scenarios, it focuses on solving the problems of excessive manual repetitive labor, low efficiency, long cycle and high cost, so as to achieve comprehensive and accurate quality management of materials, equipment and products.

Fifth, flexible intelligent services. For the personalized needs of customers, enterprises through artificial intelligence, to extend to high value-added links, processing and assembly based to "manufacturing + service" transformation, from the mere sale of products to the sale of "product + service" transformation, to achieve customized customer service capabilities.

Artificial intelligence will create an upgraded version of the industrial Internet

In 2017, China proposed to further implement the industrial Internet innovation and development strategy, after more than five years of continuous promotion, China's industrial Internet has achieved a series of landmark achievements. At present, there is an urgent need for high-end, intelligent and green development transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, which puts forward higher requirements for the innovation and development of the industrial Internet. The deep integration of artificial intelligence and the industrial Internet will create an upgraded version of the industrial Internet.

Lu Chuncong suggested that in the next few years, the development of China's industrial Internet should be accelerated from four aspects.

First, promote the upgrading of industrial Internet technology. Artificial intelligence technology can effectively predict and dynamically adjust the needs of network performance, realize network element intelligence, slice intelligence, edge intelligence, and build intelligent networks with automatic deployment and control, self-learning and self-optimization, and promote the evolution and development of industrial network systems. The current breakthroughs in industrial data collectors, high-end sensors, autonomous controllable PLC, cloud PLC, edge computing equipment, industrial robots and industrial software have provided the technical foundation for deepening the application of artificial intelligence in the industrial field, and also led to the improvement of platform data aggregation, modeling analysis and knowledge reuse capabilities. The systematization, specialization and scale of industrial Internet data are the premise of industrial intelligent application.

Second, promote the upgrading of the main battlefield of digital transformation. Industrial Internet "last name workers do not last name network", service is the real economy, so industry is its main position. At present, many domestic industrial Internet service capabilities are biased towards IT technology, and IT is necessary to speed up the upgrading of "IT+OT" technology, with the blessing of artificial intelligence technology, intelligent solutions and services of in-depth equipment, units, production lines, workshops and factories will become the main battlefield of digital transformation in the future. Relying on machine learning and deep learning, strengthen the connection between people and systems, form the precipitation of industry knowledge, promote the establishment of artificial intelligence models to solve the diagnosis and prediction problems of specific scenarios, and better play the role of intelligent support.

Third, promote the integration of application to intelligent upgrading, in the enterprise to make full use of artificial intelligence and industrial technology integration, comprehensive perception of reliable transmission, intelligent processing, accurate decision-making, to achieve application enabling, improve the flexible conversion ability of manufacturing production mode and service mode, to achieve R & D design, production and manufacturing, operation management, operation and maintenance services and other industry-wide applications of intelligent collaboration. Accelerate the development of industrial intelligent replacement, reduction of personnel and nobody. In the industrial chain, the application of artificial intelligence focuses on data value mining between various links, providing decision-making support for the stability and security of the supply chain and industrial chain.

Fourth, we need to upgrade our security capabilities. With the accelerated application of the industrial Internet to the OT side of the expansion, the proportion of attacks on the production network is rising, the traditional "external patch" security protection has been difficult to meet the new needs of industrial enterprises network security, in the digital transformation of enterprises, it is necessary to accelerate the integration and innovation of artificial intelligence and zero trust and extended detection and response (XDR) and other security technologies. Build intelligent intrusion detection, intelligent security arrangement, adaptive security protection and other means, form an integrated, active, intelligent network security risk monitoring and identification and rapid disposal capabilities, and realize the transformation from traditional security protection to a new type of intelligent protection.

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