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The future direction of 5G RF Horn Antenna

Jun. 15, 2023 Source: Bojay

With the gradual popularization of the commercial use of the fifth generation mobile communication, Various applications of 5G everywhere in our lives. The application of communication cannot be separated from the antenna, which is the core component of mobile communication. Different from 2G, 3G, and 4G, 5G has a higher application frequency band, and the resulting loss is greater, so 5G communication currently faces technical problems such as low delay, high transmission rate, and energy accumulation. In order to solve these problems, the RF antenna needs to have higher gain and wider frequency band, and in order to deal with large-scale MIMO arrays, 5G antennas need to have miniaturization and high isolation technical characteristics. ,


In the future, radio frequency horn antennas will be more widely used in many fields. We will discuss its future development trend from two aspects of technology development direction and application prospect.


Technology development direction


1. Evolution from traditional frequency bands to high frequency bands


The future RF horn antenna  will develop to a higher frequency band, and this change is mainly due to the large-scale use of 5G technology. High frequency band can provide faster communication speed and greater spectrum bandwidth, which is conducive to meeting the increasingly high data demand.


Bojay Electronics aims at the latest needs of the downstream market, in addition to the test antenna covering 5G SUB6G, it also developed the application test antenna corresponding to 5G FR2.


The future direction of 5G RF antenna horn


The future direction of 5G RF antenna horn


2. Innovative design ideas


In the future, the design of RF horn antenna  will be more and more innovative, and some new antenna horn design ideas will be applied in actual production. For example, ultra-wideband antenna, multi-mode antenna and other design ideas will receive more attention and application.


Bojay Electronics has a dual-polarization ultra-wideband Vivaldi antenna for 5G、SUB6G testing, which can achieve a single antenna module to cover the full band of SUB6G; It also has a dual-polarized horn antenna for 5G FR2 RF testing, which supports the full application band of the latest 5G FR2 from 18 to 54GHz.


In the future of RF horn antenna , technology will continue to upgrade and improve, it will be based on wireless communication, network communication, Internet of things and other fields of application, for people's life and work to bring more convenient and efficient services. Effective service.


Future development of radio frequency  horn antenna 


Radio frequency horn antenna  is a new industrial product, it can play an important role in wireless communication and radar system. With the continuous development of science and technology and the increasing maturity of radio frequency technology, the future development prospects of radio frequency hornantenna  are very broad, and then we will take a look at the future development direction.


1. Miniaturization


Future RF antenna speakers will be increasingly miniaturized to meet the needs of small size applications such as digital TV and smart phones. Miniaturization will also help reduce loss of RF signals and improve antenna performance.


Bojay Electronics has developed a compact high-gain horn antenna that can support multiple combinations of antenna modules to realize array combinations of MINO


2. High-frequency broadband


The development direction of RF horn antenna  is high-frequency broadband in order to better adapt to the development of 5G and its subsequent technologies. High-frequency wideband is the only way for the future RF horn antenna , which will improve the antenna transmission efficiency and data transmission rate, and provide solid support for the development of science and technology.


Bojay Electronics constantly update antenna products, always follow the pace of development in the field of communication technology, has developed a number of high-gain ultra-broadband millimeter wave horn antennas, from the standard gain of single-polarized antennas, dedicated to the MMwave product testing dual-polarized horn antennas, Bojay Electronics can provide the latest and most complete test system solutions and antenna accessories.


3. Accuracy and sensitivity


Future RF antenna speakers will have higher accuracy and sensitivity to meet the needs of more complex and diverse applications. The arrival of the Internet of Things will make a variety of surrounding devices connected to each other, through the high precision and high sensitivity of the RF horn antenna , the communication between devices can be more frequent and more accurate.


Bojay electronic antenna products are rich, antenna products in the accuracy, reliability and other aspects of a high level, can meet all the needs of the current millimeter wave RF test.


In short, the future RF antenna horn will continue to develop in the direction of more efficient, miniaturized and intelligent, which will have a profound impact on the design and implementation of radio communication and radar systems. In the era of continuous development of science and technology, radio frequency horn antenna  is an indispensable part of an important component.

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