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What can 5G technology do?

Nov. 02, 2019 Source: OFweek光通讯

All companies believe that 5G technology can bring them a competitive advantage, but it is not very clear about the practical application of 5G technology. Telecom operators know that there are billions of dollars in market opportunities waiting for them to compete, but they don't know how to turn faster network speeds and stronger network intelligence into potential market shares.

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Service providers can transform the network into a “value creation network” by working with companies that plan to add 5G capabilities to their digital products. Here are the 7 major advantages of 5G technology:


Cloud Robot and Automation

Manufacturers are expected to use automation and cloud technology to streamline processes and eliminate human error. The wireless human-machine interface supported by 5G network connections eliminates the limitations of today's static pipelines and accelerates the transition to production environments.


Remote control machine

Cranes, robotic arms and other remote-controlled machines can increase operational efficiency and increase worker safety. From drones to couriers, to robots to remove bombs, these machines require reliable low-latency wireless connections (usually long-distance transmission) for precise operation.


Video surveillance and analysis

5G's low latency and high capacity will create a smarter space by enhancing video surveillance and analysis. Wireless cameras mounted on drones or in hard-to-reach locations will increase security while providing lenses to help companies analyze and improve decision making.


Immersive experience

5G technology will bring people a new immersive experience. 360-degree virtual reality (VR) allows people to enjoy activities and interact with the game as they are in the field; in the workplace, Augmented Reality (AR) technology trains workers to take care of dangerous situations without harming them.


Intelligent venue

In stadiums and concert halls, venue operators can use AR and VR to attract fans, providing real-time coverage of sports statistics and playback, making them feel like they are actually playing or playing.


Connected vehicle

5G technology makes traffic driving easier, safer and more enjoyable. The car is provided with entertainment items and driving information, such as car-to-car or car-to-infrastructure communication to inform the driver of the upcoming traffic congestion. The assisted driving function and the fully automatic driving function make driving easier and more enjoyable.


Electronic health

Hospitals can use 5G technology to enhance care services, including e-health services. A guaranteed upload speed allows the ambulance to transmit critical data to the hospital first, allowing the doctor to diagnose before the patient arrives. The low latency of 5G technology can even support remote surgery and other innovative applications.



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