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Support policies for the integrated circuit industry will be issued in 2019

Oct. 26, 2019 Source: 快芯网

On the afternoon of October 18th, the Lingang New Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone released a number of measures to gather and develop the integrated circuit industry, among which 10 support clauses were proposed.

Support policies for the integrated circuit industry will be issued in 2019

1. Support the priority layout of major projects. Support integrated circuit enterprises with significant influence at home and abroad to set up R&D centers and investment industrialization projects, support multinational companies in the integrated circuit industry to set up offshore R&D centers and manufacturing centers, and support enterprises to apply for major national and Shanghai-level integrated circuits. The supporting funds will be matched, and the specific incentives and support measures will be reviewed and determined by the special administrative committee of Lingang New Area.

2. Support core technologies and product research. Each year, the Management Committee of Lingang New Areas collects product requirements in the field of integrated circuits and selects high-quality projects according to the requirements of the industry and scientific and technological innovations of the country, Shanghai, etc., and undertakes the global bidding rewards task team. According to the project requirements and the results of expert evaluation, the commitment The unit (or consortium) that completes the core technology breakthrough task grants up to 50% of the technology research and development expenses.

3. Support the scale development of enterprises. among them:

(1) For IC design enterprises, the annual sales revenue will exceed 50 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 300 million yuan, 500 million yuan, and 1 billion yuan for the first time. After the approval, they will be given a maximum of not more than 1 million yuan and 1.5 million yuan respectively. One-time rewards of RMB, 2 million yuan, 3 million yuan, and 5 million yuan, rewarded once every step, and implemented the replenishment. 

(2) For the IC manufacturing, packaging and testing enterprises, the annual sales revenue exceeded 500 million yuan, 1 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan, and 10 billion yuan for the first time. After the identification, they will be given a maximum of 2 million yuan and 8 million yuan respectively. A one-time reward of 12 million yuan and 15 million yuan, rewarded once every step, and implemented to make up the gap. 

(3) For IC equipment and materials enterprises, the annual sales revenue will exceed 50 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 500 million yuan, and 1 billion yuan for the first time. After the identification, they will be given a maximum of 2 million yuan and 8 million yuan respectively. A one-time reward of RMB 12 million and RMB 15 million will be rewarded once every time and will be replenished. 

In the above (1) to (3) support measures, the same enterprise shall voluntarily declare one of them in accordance with the principle of “compulsory and non-repetitive”, and the accumulated reward amount shall not exceed 15 million yuan. 

(4) Encourage leading enterprises of integrated circuits to vertically integrate the industrial chain, support their unrelated mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad, and successfully acquire domestic and foreign integrated circuit industry chain related enterprises or key R&D institutions, with an actual amount of more than 10 million. % subsidy, the maximum accumulated 10 million yuan.

(5) For the purchase of products and services from non-affiliated enterprises in the new area, and the annual purchase amount is more than 5 million yuan, the highest can be 20% of the actual purchase invoice amount, and the annual subsidy of the purchaser enterprise is up to 10 million yuan.


4. Support EDA software purchase and research and development. Enterprises that purchase EDA design tool software (including software upgrade fees) and actually carry out office R&D in the new area of Lingang will be given an annual maximum of RMB 2 million in accordance with 50% of the actual expenses incurred. For companies engaged in the development of integrated circuit EDA design tools in the new area, the annual R&D expenditure of EDA R&D expenses is up to 50%, totaling no more than 30 million yuan.

5. Support IP purchase. High-end chip development for IP purchases (from IP providers, EDA vendors, or foundry IP modules), and 50% of the actual payment for IP purchases, including: Up to 300 annual funding for processes with a process of 45nm or more. 10,000 yuan, for the use of process technology below 45nm, the annual funding of up to 8 million yuan.

6. Support test verification. The units that carry out the test verification and related certification for the functions, performance, reliability, compatibility, failure analysis, etc. of the engineering samples shall be supported according to 50% of the actual expenses incurred, and the annual funding shall be up to 2 million yuan.

7.support enterprise streaming. among them:

(1) For enterprises that use multi-project wafer (MPW) to develop, according to MPW direct costs, each enterprise (maximum 100% of simulation class, 60% of digital class) with a total annual amount of not more than 3 million yuan . 

(2) For enterprises that have completed the full mask (Full Mask: IP licensing fee, masking fee, testing and testing fee, processing fee, etc.) for the first time, the company will grant a maximum of 50% of the cost of the film, including: The total annual subsidy of the process process above 45nm is not more than 6 million yuan, and the total annual subsidy for the process process below 45nm is not more than 20 million yuan.

8. support the promotion of applications. For enterprises that sell self-developed and designed chips, and the sales amount of a single chip product exceeds 5 million yuan, rewards are up to 10% of the sales amount of the year, and the annual award amount of a single chip product is up to 5 million yuan. Support enterprises to sell the core equipment and materials of integrated circuits independently developed and produced, and award a maximum of 10 million yuan in one lump sum according to the maximum amount of sales amount of 30%.

9. Support productive electricity use. For the cost of electricity used in the previous year for production enterprises that meet the needs of national strategic development and recognized IC package testing, materials, etc., in accordance with the method of “paying first and then supplementing”, 50% of the electricity cost will be supported, and the same enterprise will be funded annually. It does not exceed 5 million yuan and the subsidy period is up to 3 years.

10. Other support measures. Establish a library of integrated circuit superior enterprises (units) in the new area of Lingang and make relevant classifications, combining practical and precise policies, priority support, and combination support of enterprises and projects. Establish a professional service team, and provide guidance to the warehousing enterprises (units) on the various resource elements (including improving land use efficiency), fiscal and taxation (including income tax, investment and financing, listing incentives, etc.) issued by the state, Shanghai and Lingang new areas. ), attracting enterprises (including enterprise settlement, headquarters economy, etc.), talents (including talent introduction, training, housing (rental) housing security, medical security, children's school, incentive subsidies, etc.), industry promotion (including key core technologies and Product breakthrough, industrial capacity improvement, etc., integration of production and education (including "production, study and research", training of skilled personnel, etc.), technological innovation (including functional platforms, research and development subsidies, etc.), full process bonded, data cross-border flow, research and development Support policies such as housing subsidies.


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