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RF Test Solution

mmWave Anechoic Chamber | BJ-8853

● For 5G mm Wave far field OTA test;

● Suitable for DUT size < 7";

● For mass production application.


● BJ-8853, 5G mm wave OTA measurement in a compact footprint with max far field distance up to 250mm to fit various DUTs for cost effective mass production solution;

● It contains a 3-axis linear movement plus 1-axis rotation positioner, in order to move any DUT antennas to the test area against the same ref antenna on top of the chamber;

● It can support any DUTs with<7”size.

Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension 692 (W)*800(L)*777.5(H)mm
Inner Dimension490 (W)*490(L)*490(H)mm
Operation Door Dimension390(W)*325(H)mm
Net Weight approx. 127kg
Gross Weight approx. 165kg

RF Specification:

RF Isolation0.7~50GHz >70dB
Absorber Reflectivity<-30dB in FR2
Far Field Distance150~250mm

Positioner Specification:

X Range±90 ± 0.2mm
Y Range±90 ± 0.2mm
Z Range60 ± 0.2mm
rotation± 180deg
Theta axis accuracy±0.5deg
DUT SizeMax: 180(L)*120(W)*50(H)mm
DUT WeightMax:800g

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