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RF Test Solution

4G OTA Test System | BJ-7904

● For 4G consumer electronic devices OTA test;

● For mass production application.

Main Features:

● BJ-7904 is designed for RF OTA  test of smaller to medium size DUTs, like phones, earbuds and watches, pads, smart home devices etc;

● Mass production testing solution for GPS, cellular (up to sub6), BT, WiFi, WiFi6e and UWB, etc;

● DUT holder can be customized to support different DUTs;

● Multiple ref antennas can be mounted at disired position with the flexible mounting options;

● Pneumatic drawer design can be fully automated;

● Supports DUT size up to 11".

Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension655(L)   * 620(W) * 768(H) mm
Inner Dimension438(W)*   520(D) * 565(H)mm
Opening Dimension955(L)*620(W)   * 768(H) mm
Door Dimension390*230mm
Product Net Weightapprox.   75kg

RF Isolation:

● 700MHz~12GHz >70dB

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