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RF Test Solution

Anechoic Chamber | BJ-6702

● Open the front/back door manually;

● Manually load/unload DUT;

● Reliable shielding performance to 10 GHz;

● EMI filters on all of the bulkhead connectors;

● Various accessory options available for different test requirements;

● Antenna module : right, rear.


● BJ-6702 anechoic chamber is designed for OTA Test in 0.6 ~ 10GHz range;

● It can provide a clean environment for the testing of electronic devices, such as phones and Pads; 

● A single axis motor in the center of the box allows 360 rotation of the devices to support testing.

Mechanical Specification:

Inner Dimension1300 (W) * 950 (D) * 1450 (H) mm
Outer Dimension1556 (W) * 1206 (D) * 2285(H) mm
Front Door Dimension850 (W) * 1000 (H) mm
Service Door Dimension850 (W) * 1000 (H) mm
Product Net Weightapprox. 600 kg
Gross Weightapprox. 831 kg
Rotation in Phi axis0~360 ± 0.1deg

RF Specification:

RF Isolation0.6~10GHz >70dB

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