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Optical Test Solution

Vcsel Far Field Tester | BJ-EOL-1

● Applicable to far field test of VCSEL chip lighting;

● Infrared spectral projection measurement of 850nm and 940nm products can be realized;

● Support FOV 140 ° wide field projection measurement;

● Control the temperature of the product with an accuracy of 1 ℃ (optional);

● For lab test and mass production test application.


BJ-EOL-1 is designed to measure the projection pattern of VCSEL, so as to judge the performance of the product. Including the FOV, Uniformity, Spatial distribution of energy, pattern size etc;

Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension3000(L) * 4500(W) * 2500(H)mm
DUT Weightapprox. 1500kg

Optical Specification:

Camera resolution
6464 x4 852
Wavelength range
Screen uniformity
Product project angle & Distance
140°(optional) 400~1000mm(distance adjustable)support 140° large FOV projection
Main functionFOV, Uniformity, Spatial distribution of   energy, pattern size

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