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Optical Test Solution

Emitter Counting Tester | BJ-ECT-1 VCSEL

● Applicable to VCSEL chip lighting near-field test;

● Brightness and saturation of single-point laser;

● Statistics of abnormal laser points (single laser point that is oversaturated or not lit);

● Optical power uniformity, etc;

● For lab test and mass production testing.

Main Features:

BJ-ECT-1  is designed to To measure the surface of VCSEL, including the line uniformity, non-functioning Emitters, Saturation, dimension of emitters, etc. Designed for VCSEL Emitter counting test;

Mechanical Specification:

Outer   Dimension500(L) * 650(W) * 600(H)mm
Net Weightapprox. 75kg

Optical Specification:

Camera resolution2048 x 1536
System AccuracyUniformity 3%
Main functionUniformity; Failed Emitters ;Counting

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