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Optical Test Solution

Imaging Colorimeter | BJ-CM1200/3100/6500

● Suitable for testing mobile phone/watch/computer/TV/VR display screen;

● Different lenses can meet the FOV testing requirements of different products;

● Can meet the requirements of CIE standards for chromaticity and brightness measurement related to human eye perception;

● Standard API for software development/test automation;

● For lab test and mass production test application.

Main Features:

● BJ-CM1200/3100/6500 imaging colorimeter uses different types of camera sensors, with resolution of 12 million pixels, 31 million pixels and 65 million pixels to meet the requirements of different display test accuracy;

● The color coordinate accuracy of the imaging colorimeter is ± 0.003, and the brightness accuracy is ± 3%;

● Combined with the vision algorithm technology of colorimeter test, it can realize the uniformity test of the display, light leakage, Mura, display point line defects and other tests;

● The fixed focus lens of different specifications can be replaced to meet the test requirements of different display panel sizes;

● For VR near-eye display screen, with Bojay self-developed VR lens, it can meet the field coverage test of 125° FOV;

● Working voltage: 24VDC;


Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension220mm x 180mm x 160mm220mm x 180mm x 180mm220mm x 200mm x 180mm
Net Weightapprox.5kgapprox.5.5kgapprox.6.0 kg

Optical Specification:

Camera resolution4096*30006464*45829344x7000
System AccuracyLuminance (Y) ± 3%; Color   Coordinates (x,y) ± 0.003
Focal Distances Available25mm,35mm,50mm,100mm

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