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Optical Test Solution

65M Resolution Colorimeter+VR Lens Solution | BJ-CM6500+BJ-VRLens125-M1

● Applicable to the measurement of VR near-eye display optical quality specifications;

● Standard API for software development/test automation;

● Meet the requirements of CIE standards for chromaticity and brightness measurement related to human eye perception;

● Can also test FOV, MTF, ghost image, distortion, etc;

● For lab test and mass production test application.

Main Features:

● BJ-CM6500+BJ-VRLens125-M1 The test system includes a 65M resolution imaging colorimeter and an optical lens with a maximum viewing angle of 125 degrees;

● VR lens is designed to imitate human eyes, with the aperture at the front of the lens;

● The color coordinate accuracy of the imaging colorimeter is ± 0.003, and the brightness accuracy is ± 3%;

● Combined with the vision algorithm technology of colorimeter test, it can realize the uniformity test of the display, light leakage, Mura, display point line defects and other tests;

● Working voltage: 24VDC;

Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension483.52(L) * 180(W) * 180(H)mm
Net Weightapprox.10kg

Optical Specification:

Camera resolution9344x7000
System Accuracy
Luminance (Y) ± 3%; Color Coordinates (x,y) ± 0.003

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