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Electrical Test Solution

Four Station Double Hole Rotary Table Testing Fixture | BJ-00075

● Suitable for ICT and functional testing of multi station FPCs;

● KIT is a standard structure that can be reused;

● Compatible with products with a maximum size of 95 * 117mm;

● Modular design,can be quickly disassembled and easily maintained.


● Used for single or double hole testing, and the carrier board can be compatible with products with a maximum size of 95 * 117mm;

● KIT is a standard structure that can be reused;

● Needle carrier plate adopts Modular design, and the upper and lower needle carrier plates can be quickly disassembled and easily maintained;

● Test system is controlled by four sets of independent control mainboards (double hole), and the whole system can be compatible with 256 Test point;

● The turntable fixture can be manually loaded or combined with automated equipment for loading, automatic unloading, and partitioning of PASS/Fail products.

● Used in products containing MIC components, testing MIC leakage and sensitivity at sub stations, and other ICT testing;


The four station dual hole rotary table is mainly used for ICT and FCT testing of FPC, including connector, gold pad, tin pad, hole ring, open, dock head side plug, current testing, Eiger function, MIC current, TVS, leakage, sensitivity testing, etc. The turntable uses manual or robotic loading for testing, and automatically selects Pass/Fail products after testing.

Mechanical Specification:

Kit Size(contain unloading arm)800(W)*560(L)*960(H)mm
Raster Safety Range200(H)mm

Electronical Specification:

Power Consumption200W
Input Voltage100~220V AC   50Hz
Control  interfaceUSB/100pin   IO

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