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Regarding the networking requirements of 5G networks, you need to know these 6 points

Jul. 10, 2019 Source: OFweek光通讯

      With the accelerating pace of 5G commercialization, discussions on 5G's landing applications are increasing. The new features of 5G provide an opportunity for a new round of rapid development of bearer technology. In terms of performance, 5G brings the advantages of greater bandwidth, ultra-low latency and high-precision synchronization. Compared with the current 4G network, these three core advantages have greatly expanded the practical space. Among them, the Internet of Things is one of the most highly anticipated areas.

     However, in the process of realizing large-scale practical use of 5G, it is necessary to face many obstacles, and various technologies are needed to realize networking. Among them, there are six major network requirements such as multi-level bearer network, flexible connection scheduling, hierarchical network slicing, intelligent collaborative management and control, 4G/5G hybrid bearer and low-cost high-speed networking. In the process of network construction, how to Meeting and fulfilling these load bearing needs is critical.

Regarding the networking requirements of 5G networks, you need to know these 6 points

Multi-layer bearer network

Since the 5G application is very broad, it is necessary to design the network structure to cope with various application scenarios. Therefore, in a 5G network, a multi-level bearer network is required.

Flexible connection scheduling

In a 5G network, there are applications that need to be connected to the network forever. These applications require extremely high latency and require fast response, all of which require flexible network support.

Hierarchical network slice

Network slicing technology is mainly aimed at the wide application trend of 5G. In the future, 5G will exist as a communication infrastructure. In different industry fields, the characteristics of 5G are not the same. Therefore, hierarchical network slicing is required.

Intelligent collaborative management

5G is more flexible in the network structure, and at the same time, it is more intelligent. This is mainly because 5G needs to introduce more software systems, making the whole network more coordinated in hardware and software.

4G/5G hybrid bearer

Although the discussion of 5G inside and outside the industry is very enthusiastic, the arrival of 5G is bound to go through a long process. Therefore, in the construction process of 5G, there will be a period in which a 4G network and a 5G network coexist, so two network hybrid bearers are needed.

Low-cost high-speed networking

In the construction of 5G networks, high cost is the biggest problem facing operators. Therefore, how to reduce the cost of networking has become very important.

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