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Qualcomm launches new end-to-end OTA 5G test network to help 5G innovation

Mar. 26, 2019 Source: tech.huanqiu.com

      [Global Network Technology News] Qualcomm officially announced the launch of a new end-to-end OTA 5G test network, including a new end-to-end OTA configuration for the millimeter wave band and below 6 GHz band, deployed in San Diego and New Jersey, California Qualcomm R&D Center in Bridgewater.

     According to the test network, Qualcomm can verify the new design of 3GPP Release 16+ before standardization; improve 5G algorithms and technologies to further improve performance; test and demonstrate emerging edge computing functions, such as low latency extended reality (XR) And demonstrate the 5G features that have not yet been deployed. The test network complements existing interoperability testing to help Qualcomm perform OTA system-level verification of advanced 5G R&D designs prior to extensive ecosystem collaboration, while accumulating valuable experience.

高通推出全新端到端OTA 5G测试网络助力5G创新

      The test network is based on Qualcomm's 3GPP 5G New Air Port (5G NR) Release 15 standard end-to-end deployment solution, supporting new technologies expected to emerge in Release 16 and future release specifications. The test network setup includes a 5G next-generation core network, a gNodeB base station, and a mobile test terminal based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem series and antenna modules. The antenna module integrates a radio frequency transceiver, an RF front end, and an antenna unit.

      John Smee, vice president of engineering at Qualcomm, said: "These test networks are part of Qualcomm's ongoing commitment to empower 5G technology to work in a variety of industries, including enabling smartphones, tablets, PCs that are always connected, and XR, cars and Industrial IoT applications and other areas. This marks another exciting advancement in the 5G ecosystem. We believe that these test networks and our system-level expertise will help accelerate innovation, which will enable independent networking models below 6 GHz this year. (SA) and millimeter wave deployment and driving 5G NR technology continue to move forward."

     The test network currently deployed at Qualcomm's R&D center includes the 5G NR outdoor 6 GHz Release 15 independent networking mode massive MIMO OTA network in San Diego, California, and the 5G NR outdoor millimeter wave OTA network in San Diego, California. The 5G NR indoor millimeter wave OTA network in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and the 5G NR Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP) indoor OTA network in San Diego, California.

      In industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, 5G CoMP is an essential part of implementing enhanced ultra-reliable, low-latency communication (eURLLC) to meet service requirements. In spectrum sharing applications, 5G CoMP can significantly improve spectrum utilization when multiple deployments share the same spectrum. In addition, the test network supports unlicensed spectrum IIoT applications, which is important because 3GPP is working to increase the independent operation of 5G NRs on the unlicensed spectrum as part of the new air-to-license spectrum (NR-U) operation. stand by.

     It is reported that the above 5G NR technology will be demonstrated on February 25-28 at the Qualcomm booth of the 2019 Barcelona Mobile World Congress.

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