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Vision test Solution

MlCC High-Speed Test and Sort Equipment

● Applicable to MLCC capacity testing and sorting;

● For loss testing and sorting of MLCCs;

● Suitable for MLCC withstand voltage testing and sorting;

● For insulation testing and sorting of MLCCs.



● High speed and high life time sorting solenoid valve, real-time monitoring of "health status" by gas waveform, valve opening time <1ms; 

● Super 5 billion times life time, replacement cycle >4 years;

● IR station supports 5 stations: Work short circuit detection*1; withstanding voltage*2; insulation*2;

● Automatic opening and closing of the upper module (loading/testing/sorting);

● Innovative six-parameter test accurately identifies high end capacitance;

● 8-rail sole proprietorship feeding, online demagnetization.

Equipment Performance:

Maximum Test Speed1,200,000pcs
Compatible Specifications0201〜0603(S) 
Maximum Output Voltage1000VDC
Voltage Output Accuracy0.07%
Current Test Accuracy0.7%
Sorting Solenoid Valve Life5 billion times

Mechanical Specification:

Equipment   size1380(W)*1400   (L)*1920(H)mm
Product   Net Weightapprox.1300kg
Air   source pressure0.5~0.8MPa,200L/min

Electronical Specification:

Power Consumption


Input Voltage

200~240VAC/25A 50Hz

Positioner Control Interface

Touch Screen

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