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Vision test Solution

MlCC Laminating Equipment

For the production of MLCC ( Regulation level, High-capacity and Small-size capacitors);

A device for forming a capacitor Bar by superimposing the cast paste block of printed electrode at high speed according to the capacitance technology.


● Gantry double-drive linear motor feeding, speed up to 2m/s, repeat positioning accuracy up to 1um;

● By using of virtual axis to control the tension of Double-drive double-servo, tension fluctuation is ± 1N (30N);

● PID control and high precision coil diameter calculation, coil diameter accuracy is 0.1 mm;

● Double X-Y cutting and laminating alignment adjustment, adjustment range is ± 5mm, accuracy is ± 1um;

● CCD on-line stack dislocation accuracy detection, detection accuracy is 3.45 um;

● Oil pressure system adopts full-closed loop magnetic grating ruler control, pressure precision is ± 0.5 T (80 T); 

● Full-automatic vacuum adsorption, non-contact adsorption is used for avoiding Bar block transportation damage;

Equipment Performance:

Laminating  Accuracy+/-8.5um
Minimum Electrode Film Thickness0.8um
Bar Size310(W)*310(L)*Max10(H)mm
Laminating Efficiency3.5s/PCS(Mechanical Cycle)
Maximum Layers Of Laminating1000 layers
Temperature Control40~80℃(±0.5℃)
Oil PressureMax 80Ton(±0.5Ton)
CCD on-line Dislocation Detection  3.45um

Electrical Specification:

Power   Consumption35KW
Input Voltage380VAC 50Hz
Positioner   Control InterfaceTouch screen
Control modePLC

Machanical Specification:

Inner   Dimension
Operation Door Dimension
Product Net Weight
Gross Weight
Air source   pressure

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