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Vision test Solution

Testing and Package Equipment | ATV-X4800

 Component testing sorting and packaging equipment based on AI vision algorithm detection;

 High Speed:5200pcs/min;

● Accurate:High precision mechanical and electrical design,Test module test accuracy up to 0.1%;

● Convenient:First equipped with AI algorithm in the industry;

● Simple and easy to operate without any parameter; 

● Make sure no defects will be missed. as well as low false positive rate.


 High speed motor control, Independent research and development of the core driver of bootable disk,The processing speed can reach to 6000pcs/min;

 Feeding at high speed,Vibrating bowl bought from DAISHIN, The feeding speed can reach to 6500pcs/min;

 The motor works in a stable condition,The frequent start and stop and there is no jitter pulse output to ensure no damage to wearing parts;

 The feeding system works in a stable speed,Speed flfluctuation:±100pcs/min;

 Low vulnerability,The dual motion detection of  FPGA  and motor  drive.provide extra safety protection for wearing parts and products.

Key Specification:

Test   Precision≤0.1%
AOI Test   PrecisionMax 6.9μm/pix
Product Applicable Size0201-1206 British System
SpeedMax   5200pcs/min
SystemATV AI System
Camera module3 high frame rates(Extensible)
Temperature   Control140-300℃±5℃

Mechanical & Electrical Specification:

Inner   Dimension1320(L)mm*786(W)mm*1820(H)mm
Operation Door Dimension820(W)*1670(H)mm
Product Net Weightapprox.240kg
Gross Weightapprox.280kg
Air source   pressure0.5~0.8MPa,200L/min

Power Consumption


Input Voltage

220VAC 50Hz

Positioner Control Interface

Touch screen

Control Mode


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