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Acoustic Test Solution

Noise Testing Systerm

● A intergrated nosie testing solution with hign precision;

● An extremly quiet testing enviroment,with no more than 15dBA(when fixture is moving) noise floor,can be provied;

● Testing and judgement is automotied;

● Compact structural design,30% space be saved comparied with normal design;

● Applicable to mass production and laboratory.


● Applicable test: sound pressure level, octave, linear spectrum, time domain signal;

● Laptop, mobile phone and other rotating shaft noise test analysis;

● Motor noise testing and analysis;

● Fan noise test and analysis.


DimensionTest ItemTest Principle
1010*995*1625mm(W*D*H)NoiseSPL、Octave、FFT、Time signalNoise floor:15dBA
Commands/scripts control product fan speed or all speaker sound
The benchmark microphone records simultaneously
Use test software or tools to filter the recording
The software performs RTA/FFT noise analysis and calculates frequency response and noise magnitude

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