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Acoustic Test Solution

BJ Sound Test System

● Powerful and efficient electroacoustic analysis function.;

● Convenient noise test and evaluation;

● Convenient and flexible customized design;

● External command control;

● Visual operation, friendly interface, easy to use.

Main Features:

● BJ Soundtest System is a powerful and convenient test system.The system provides customers with a broad platform, can be applied in different fields, to meet the testing requirements of multi-project

multi-task in one:

● All analysis results can be obtained in one test,including FR,THD,THD+N,Rub&Buzz、SNR、Sensitivity、Impedance、Phase, etc;

● Noise total value calculation, octave analysis, FFT spectrumanalysis, abnormal tone filtering analysis, time domain signal processing;

● According to the specific test requirements, through drag and drop operation, you can call various control commands and analysis function library to achieve optimal test; lt can flexibly define the result limit and automatically judge the test result (pass / fail);

● Support the communication control of ADB and SSH, and flexibly establish the connection with DUT;

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