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Optical Test Solution

BJ-VID10D-1 VR Virtual Image Distance Tester

● Applied to VR virtual image distance test;

● Measure the virtual image distance of virtual reality;

● Use high-speed camera and mobile lens;

● The software adjusts the mobile lens to obtain the clearest image, and the algorithm calculates the virtual image distance;

● For lab test and production test application.


BJ-VID10-1  is designed to test virtual image distance of AR/VR/HUD device,the applicable virtual image distance is range from 0.1m to 10m.

Mechanical Specification:

Outer Dimension920(L) * 800(W) * 1850(H)mm
Net Weightapprox.250 kg

Optical Specification:

Camera resolution2048 x 1536
System Accuracy±0.1m(<2m)、±0.3m(2m~3m)、±0.4m(3m~5m)、±0.5m(5m~10m)

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