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From smart phones to VR glasses, 5G will be more and more exciting, Qualcomm OV, etc. are in action

Jul. 18, 2019 Source: 泡泡网

      The decline in smartphone shipments is no longer a secret. According to data released by IDC, in the first quarter of this year, global smartphones shipped 310 million units, a decrease of 6.6% compared with the same period last year. In the cold market situation, 5G is considered to be the key to renew the desire of users to purchase again. At present, many 5G including Xiaomi MIX3 5G version, one plus 7 Pro 5G version, vivo IQOO 5G version, OPPO Reno 5G version, etc. The mobile phone is on the market. However, in order to accelerate the pace of popularization of 5G mobile phones, mobile phone manufacturers may have to solve a problem, that is, what are the killer applications of 5G that detonate user needs?

 From smart phones to VR glasses, 5G will be more and more exciting, Qualcomm OV, etc. are in action

      Recently, Liu Chang, vice president of OPPO, said in the “5G Everyone Talk” video column that the industry has been exploring 5G application scenarios, and hopes that a killer application can be born to attract consumers. In fact, this is a process of first chicken or egg first. We have to lay the infrastructure in advance, and with the infrastructure, it will naturally produce killer applications. OPPO has done a lot of work on 5G mobile phones, including device integration, stacking, layout design, etc., while focusing on mobile phones to provide services to consumers.

      OPPO has already been deployed in 5G for a long time. In 2015, it established a standard research team and communicated with Qualcomm on 5G international standards. The public information also shows that the OPPO team went to Qualcomm Labs to debug the 5G prototype with the Qualcomm team to further ensure the stability of the phone. In April of this year, OPPO launched the OPPO Reno 5G version of the 5G smartphone. It adopted the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform and the Snapdragon X50 5G modem to support the 5G network and successfully listed on the list of the world's first 5G commercial phones.

      Vivo has already laid out 5G mobile phone business. Especially in August last year, vivo has already completed the development of 5G smart phone software and hardware for commercial use, including architecture planning, motherboard stacking and so on. Last month, vivo IQOO 5G version officially entered the public view, using Qualcomm 5G solutions including Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon X50, will be listed in the third quarter of this year, successfully entered the world's first 5G commercial mobile phone list . In this list, there are Xiaomi MIX3 5G version, one plus 7 Pro 5G version, ZTE Axon10 Pro 5G version, OPPO Reno 5G version, etc., basically adopt the combination of "Qualcomm Xiaolong 855+X50".

 From smart phones to VR glasses, 5G will be more and more exciting, Qualcomm OV, etc. are in action

      Interestingly, when OPPO Reno 5G was released overseas, it was also unveiled by Nreal Light, a hybrid reality glasses launched by Chinese technology company Nreal. This glasses has already joined the Qualcomm HMD accelerator program, and can be connected to 5G smart phones through data lines, comprehensively taking advantage of the advantages of 5G mobile phones in computing and connection, and the display advantages of glasses themselves, bringing immersive applications to consumers. Experience. Extended Reality (XR) applications, including Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR), are also considered potential killer applications in the 5G era.

 From smart phones to VR glasses, 5G will be more and more exciting, Qualcomm OV, etc. are in action

       At this year's Augmented Reality World Expo, Qualcomm released a new Snapdragon Smart Headset Reference Design. This reference design is based on the Qualcomm extended reality platform Snapdragon XR1, which enables distributed processing of workloads, that is, power can be provided by a smartphone or computer wiredly connected to XR devices, allowing VR, AR and other head-mounted devices Become lighter. More importantly, the reference design has taken into account the needs of OEMs and technology ecosystem partners at the beginning of the design, helping them to shorten the development time of VR, AR and other devices, and provide users with a rich immersive experience.

       All in all, from 5G smart phones to VR, AR and other devices, to cloud games, high-definition video broadcast and other innovative applications, 5G industry ecology is becoming more and more abundant. Therefore, whether it is the speed of the killer application to speed up the popularization of 5G, or the 5G popularity to promote the killer application, all parties in the industry are already in action, so that consumers can experience the wonderful 5G as soon as possible.


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