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5G broadens FPC market space and boosts electromagnetic shielding demand

Aug. 13, 2019

      When an electronic device is working, it does not want to be disturbed by external electromagnetic waves, and it does not want to radiate electromagnetic waves to interfere with external devices and cause radiation harm to the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to block the electromagnetic wave propagation path, which is electromagnetic shielding, and the electromagnetic shielding film is passed through a special A shield made of a material that can effectively block electromagnetic interference based on the principle of reflection of electromagnetic waves or absorption of electromagnetic waves. There are three main types of conductive glue type, metal alloy type and micro needle type.

     The conductive film is a kind of lead-free connecting material, which provides mechanical connection and electrical connection between the component and the circuit board, and has high peel strength, excellent electrical conductivity, good solder resistance, and customized structural design. And so on, is one of the core packaging materials of wireless communication terminals.

    The direct downstream industry of electromagnetic shielding film and conductive film is mainly FPC (flexible circuit board, which is a kind of printed circuit board PCB, which has other types of circuits such as high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, flexibility, high flexibility, etc. The industry can't match the advantages of the industry. Further downstream applications include consumer electronics, automotive electronics and communications equipment.

FPC market capacity growth, capacity tends to move eastward

    The direct downstream industry of electromagnetic shielding film and conductive film is FPC, and the growth of FPC market directly determines the growth of related upstream materials.

    From the perspective of industry space, on the one hand, the 5G high-frequency high-speed communication era has stimulated the demand for high-frequency FPC and the increase of FPC brought about by the internal structure changes of domestically produced machines. On the other hand, terminal innovations such as OLED, 3DSensor and wireless charging will Bringing new FPCs to help further increase the output value of FPC worldwide.

    In terms of Apple's products, the largest FPC company, the iPhone series has been driven by innovative applications. Since the iPhone 4 in 2010, the use of FPC has been increasing. In recent years, FPC has accounted for the proportion of total PCB output compared to 2010. There has also been a big improvement.

   Looking into the future, the trend of 5G and consumer electronics innovation will continue, and the market space of FPC will be further broadened, which will benefit related industry companies.

5G broadens FPC market space and boosts electromagnetic shielding demand

    From the perspective of industrial structure, thanks to the cost advantage and local market demand, the proportion of domestic manufacturers will increase steadily. In the next few years, the growth rate of PCB/FPC in mainland China will exceed the growth rate of global PCB/FPC.

     According to Prismark, the proportion of PCB production in China has reached 51% in 2017, a significant increase from 38% in 2010.

     Prismark also expects China's PCB output value growth rate to be 3.7% in the future from 2017 to 2022, exceeding the global compound growth rate of 3.2%.

5G broadens FPC market space and boosts electromagnetic shielding demand

5G new technology application will increase the demand for electromagnetic shielding

    In the 5G era, the application of new technologies such as Massive MIMO and beamforming will effectively improve the spectrum efficiency and improve the communication quality, but the number of antennas is significantly increased and the antenna size in the high frequency band is significantly reduced, and the anti-interference performance is higher. Requirements.

    At the same time, the future 5G frequency is expected to reach 6GHz or higher. In order to support the high frequency band above 6GHz, a new radio access technology 5GNR other than LTE is required, and this new technology will coexist with the LTE technology supporting 6GHz or less, and the two systems will transmit and receive. When the link works at the same time, mutual interference will occur under the combination of many frequency bands, and new requirements are placed on the electromagnetic shielding material.

5G broadens FPC market space and boosts electromagnetic shielding demand

    In electronic products, FPC is used as a connecting line in electronic devices to mainly conduct current and transmit signals.

    When the signal transmission line is distributed in the outermost layer of the FPC, in order to avoid signal distortion caused by electromagnetic interference during the signal transmission process, the FPC will press a conductive layer (electromagnetic shielding film) after pressing the cover film to shield the electromagnetic layer. The role of interference.

    It is expected that in the 5G era of each piece of FPC, the area covered by the electromagnetic shielding film and the amount used will continue to increase to better reduce electromagnetic interference.

5G broadens FPC market space and boosts electromagnetic shielding demand


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